Thursday, 19 June 2008

---~@ Trier, Germany @~---

also one of the oldest town here in Germany. Founded by the Emperor Augusta in 16 BC as Augusta Trevevorum. the town, which also the birthplace of Karl Marx, has a rich architectural heritage.

almost 2 hrs drive from Koln.

The magnificent Porta Nigra (the black gate) erected in the 2 nd century, gigantic Roman gateway into Trier. the oldest german defensive structure, called as the black gate because of the colour of its weathered stone.

train ride around the town

reds among the black gate

Trier's main market square also called the "Hauptmarkt"

The Petrusbrunnen Fountain (fountain of St peter) in the Hauptmarkt. situated south-eartern side of the square.

later that afternoon, we're off to Mettlach (a small district, western Germany). i cant explen more about this town. maybe my wife will add up another entry about Mettlach alone, later.

tempat pinggan mangkuk.."hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam"

P.S. all n all, our weekend trip to Koln, Bonn, Trier then Mettlach was a weekend well spend. well 'spend' indeed. hehehehhehe..

until then


Anonymous said...

bnyk borong villeroy & boch ka??..
i likeeeeeeeeeeeee...


silabi & yatie said...

hehehe..bini aku yg borong. aku nunggu di kaunter pembayaran jak sambil pejam mata...