Tuesday, 17 July 2012

--~@ Baik Baik Saja @~---

I quit PGB and joined another Petronas company (from level 49 moved to level 20th), but still in the same regime of expertise. I have one thing keep bothering me for a while now, I never felt like completing my master (convocation was last May) cause u know y? everybody attained their master's nowadays! its a norm to achieved a masters degree..can u imagine? i guess people (human being) likes to compete amongs themselves as if this life is a competitions (well im not..).  

This is my third week with my new job..things have been a little bit slow (because of the restructuring and all)..but I am happy here! less hectic, less politic (no alarm sounded just yet..but i keep telling myself, think +ve!) and less woooorkksss..(heehhe..so far, maybe huhuhuhuhu..after that!) but really i loike it here.

I miss my friends in Melaka (RGT 1, P2 Project)..here, everybody like to..hhmmmm, u know..'boundries applied'. There, no boundries! hahahhaha..a friend told me once, 

"u have to blend with the environment..not the other way around!"

I applied every words (its a philosophy...kan?) u cant let people likes you here and then and expect everybody around you to be nice?! cmon..for example, you wear your bestest shirt, your ironed slack (Armani Brand..ngeh ngeh ngeh) and your new shoes (office shoes like most office geeks put on..) and last but not least your newest addition of eu da toilete and walk into your new office with smile on your face and expect you will know everybody and becomes their friend? hehehhe, kalau hang artis that could be happen la! bagi tempoh bertenang in a a day or two..observe them, learn them and try to blend in..heheheh, then after a week or two..decide! its ur call....have your mother ever told you...

"pilih kawan..jangan carik kawan yang perangai tak elok.."

I do choose my friends...but it doesnt mean i will unfriend (is that even a word "unfriend"? nvm, in FB terms it is..hehhe) the 'unselected' one. Be friend to everybody but as long as you know your limits and everybody's limits...its fine with me (i don know y'all)

I quit smoking 3 years ago, but i am a social smoker (is that a correct phrase 'social smoker'?...is it the same like social workers? nvm..) nway, smoking is one way to blend in...

to be continue... (don expect me to finished up my story in one entry!)

p/s: i do talk a lot am i? hehehhehe...its been a while since my last entry..so, don expect me to stop just yet!

until then

Thursday, 7 April 2011

---~@ ehehhe..what a joke @~----

Last Friday, I was at UTM Jalan Semarak. I arrived around 10am and after an hour later I am in my car planning to go home. Then I thought.. why done I make a visit with an old friend of mine at my old company (at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng). I called him and ask him if he is bz and if he could spare some time in meeting me and have a little chat (after all, aku mmg dah lama tk jumpa mamat ni). He said ok.

15 minutes later, aku sampai kat one of the restaurant (used to be tmpt kitaorang lepak after works). Aku sampai awal, sampai je aku kat situ, i saw one of HR staff from my previous company (same company with my friend yg aku nak jumpa la). Hes around my age (well not HR la..some sort of ‘special errands’ kind of guy... and he think he also some sort of ‘important personnel’ in that company considering he hangs around with some ‘special kind of people’ at the top management). From my observation, although this mamat has nothing to do in the office rather than being like a peon, everybody seems to be afraid of him (well, afraid not the exact word..hhmmm..cautious, yes! Tats it..) After I left the company, then I knew why they are so cautious everytime they saw him or being near him. Hahaha..mcm tengok drama swasta plak (u know cita korporat2 melayu yang kaya2, org bawah takut/hormat sgt kat bos2..heheheh)

Anyhow, story cut short, aku bertegur sapa la (kang org ckp sombong plak), u know..same same old stuff like “ko buat apa skang?” “wah, makin berisi ko ye..” soalan biasa bila jumpa kawan lama (i don consider him as a close friend tho, just an ex-officemate). Aku pun bukak cerita pasal the company was booming up and how recently dah jadik international company (one international company acquire some share or what ever in that company-i don give a fu#$)..cmon, i just making a conversation! cause i don have anything to say to this kaki kipas guy..hehheheh.

5 minutes later (feels like 4ever to me), my friend arrived. And we chat and talk about things (I kept my voice down cause i knew he was listening every word that came out from my mouth..mcm aku tak tau..hahahah), and suddenly, si mamat ni pun bercerita,

“skang ni, kalau tak cukup pekerja tak payah nak iklan2 dah. Kita boleh amik mana2 pekerja dari mana2 cawangan. Kita ada lebih dari 48000 people worldwide. Dari Vietnam...”

Wat the hell? Do u think i came here and meeting my friend is to beg the company to take me back? Kawan, ayo..ko tak penah ada kawan lama ka? I am here to meet up wit my old friend la..not to lobi a job vacancies? What a joke...and i knew 5 minute later after he arrive at the office, the ‘special kind of people’ that he hangs around with will know the story and said how desperate I am and how pathetic of me...n u know what? I don give a damn of what u think! I am me and I know what im doing.

U know, when i was still working with the company, this mamat came to me several time, asking me if I am willing to donate some money in building a surau. Then dia pun cita ini macam ini macam, bila lagi nak buat amal jariah and buat pahala. Sometimes aku pelik org2 mcm ni, mulut tak serupa bikin. One time you talk about dosa and pahala and then the next ko cita pasal keburukan org lain. Aku tak cakap aku baik, but i know when to shut up and when to open up (u dig?) Kenapa aku cakap mcm tu? Well, here is my story. My ex-table (i like tat table..no really, i really like my old table) was located next to the ‘very important people’s’ room (well he thinks he is important). So, from time to time when this guy did not have LEGOs to play, he came to this room and talk to his cronies inside the room. Aku dengar la apa dorang cita (mcm2 cita aku dengar)..aku bukan pekak lagi..thats how i know what kind of person he is and what kind of quality the person INSIDE the room.

Berbalik pada cita tadik, dlm 15 minutes later the mamat left and i can talk freely with my friend without any ‘bugs’ nearby. We talked about family, my studies..talked about how he quits smoking 4 months ago and so on. Not a thing about me trying to get me into the company! Duh!

After nearly an hour later, I left and say goodbye to him and bump into another ex-officemate. We talked about 5 minutes then I head back to Putrajaya. Its already late and i don want to be late (again) in picking up my daughter from school!

p/s: jangan pandang orang tadak mata, one day u at the top the next day u will be at the bottom of the pitch. Once u at the top, remember where you from..what goes around WILL always comes around..the higher u r, the harder u fall. Just remember that well..boy!

until then

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

---~@ and today @~----

i cant believe this is my second entry of the year (ada kemajuan which also means that i have a lot of time doing nothing!)

i have read one of my friend's blog recently. one particular reason why i brought this up is because we do shared the same problem while working at the same 'roof' couple of years back.
back stabber yeah, thats the key words. the phrase tat changed my life upside down (entirely-im not kidding!). I never expected tat smiley, honest face was so innocent, the face that make u works extra miles, was in fact 'the' person that hate u so much and will eat your guts alive if given a chance. and the worse part of it, this person is the same race as me! so so ironic, coming to think of it..i remembered an old saying said, " keep your friends close and your enemy closer". well, i surely know what it means by now.

back stabber is everywhere, which ever you turn and where ever you go, this species will always be there to hunt you down.

hehehhe..i remembered the first day i joined the company, i promised myself that this is the company that i will give 110%, cause im so tired of jumping here n there (finding a very cozy working environment is not an easy job, and trust me, u will never found one) and plus the company is 100% bumi and the business was good with more than 10mill annual revenue (which is not bad considering the company is still quite new in the market). but in the end, the back stabber ruined my life and my, well u may call it too ambitious career ambitions.

that is long time ago and in time, i might forgive them (but not forget). I truly believe that,
"doa orang yang teraniaya dimakmulkan tuhan". all i can say that, what goes around will comes around.

p.s. better watch your steps if u r now working with 100% bumi company...do not say i didn't warned you (unless u r the back stabber yourself). good luck!

until then

Sunday, 9 January 2011

---~@ and now what @~---

it seems like yesterday since i enrolled myself with campus life, and 4 months from now, i will get my master. Times do flies. I meant it! I could not even believe it myself sometimes. You know what, sometimes..at nite (u know when u try to find the sleeping 'tune'..) when i closed my eyes, i can still remember what it feels like during my early childhood. I remember i 've lost my selipar jepun at the age of 5, i sure wont forget the pain at my right eye during my first school fight at the age of 71/2 and of coz my teens and now..hhmmm..im turning 34 this year, and yet it seems odd. heheheh..midlife crisis? so early meh? ahhahah, i don think so.

there is so much in my life that i dreams on doing. bungee jumping for instance, skydiving, kissing my wife at the top of Eiffel Tower, becoming a billionaire..and so on. well u know wat, none of those dreams will ever coming true even if i lived and died seven times.

have u ever experience, u know..when u woke up every morning thinking on what must u do today? what will be inside my life menu today? hhmmm..i wonder, wait let me see, breakfast at 9, then lunch at 1, oh ya..pick up mails, bla bla bla. heheheh, it funny sometimes when u can plan your life 2-3 days ahead (when everything you do becoming a rutin). the only change in ur life menu is during the weekends, and tats it! when Monday comes, the shit will begins all over again, and just when you becoming to realizes your surrounding...the new year is just around the corner and yes it will add up another year in your pathetic life. (well maybe not yours..)

this is my first entry in the year 2011, and coming to think of it (from my past entry last year), this very entry will be the only entry in this boring year (altho i hope i cud write more..u know, to understand my inner self..ahahahhah)

anyways, hepi new year 2011 to all of you, may your life full of enjoyment and happiness...not like mine.

p.s: the only thing cheerful today was, man utd have beat liverpool in FA cup 4th round at Old Trafford, well not much actually but enuf to keep me smiling for 15 minutes.

until then

Monday, 12 April 2010

---~@and now, whats next?@~---

last weekend was the finale of my second semester. i am planning to have a long break after the finals..but unfortunately i have to take a short semester course next month instead. aduyai..anyways, i have heard that the course did not need me to think as much as i did for the last couple of semester. I only have to sit there, listen what he or she says..anticipation here and there, make sure my attendance is more than 80%..i should finish the course in no time (of coz if the rumors is true ). The only one thing that i look forward for this particular course is that, we will meet new faces, not like now..only 5-6 students in my class. well it a little bit boring though sometimes. I need to interact more and i also need to practice my "Law of Connection" or maybe the "Law of Attraction" assuming i am business oriented, i think i can sell something or maybe nothing thehehhe, dun u think?

i watched my fav team played last night..thinking of it makes me feel like stop writing, but hey..i need to write at least one sentence right. ok, enuf one sentence lets proceed to another paragraph. what? well i don't want to talk about the game or winning team either. the only thing that i know that MY TEAM %$@!KED last night.

i went to Alamanda today with my daughter. Have lunch with my wife at McDonald's (taking the chance of paying less with McValue lunch)...lost my parking ticket and found it again at the information center (thanks to the person who found it..u r an honest person..ada lagi rupanya org mcm ni kat dunia ni..i thought it already extinct)....hang around for another hour after my wife left (her lunch time was over)..met a friend (last i met her a year ago)..and then drove home with looking at the sky saying...

" Damia, looks like its gonna rain again today..." i looked at her and she said

"ayah, ujan...." ahahahha..your mom will be pissed off if its rain yet again, she just washed her car!

P.S: i need to get freshen up and i hate my long hair!

until then

Friday, 19 March 2010

---~@ After A while @~---

my first entry in 2010. im getting older and counting, yet my 2009 resolution seems like....well as far as im concern is down there somewhere in my medulla oblongata, meditating. i quit my job u know..heh. yup im opening my own business now far far in the east malaysia. why in the east bro? one of my 'bro' asked (kenapa kena panggil bro...bila mak aku beranak kan ko?)..anyways. for me east is like something feng sui. u know, mongolian's tent/hut or whatever u call it, always have their door build pointing to the south because they believe rich and wealthy coming from that direction. but for me my star i believe pointing to the east. actually rezeki ada di mana-mana. dimana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan (my ex-boss always said that...for me the quote acceptable in my life) i dont have rich parent (like some kids do..), rich relative? jauh sekali..so for that particular citation "di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan" i can accept it as true.

my first year will end this coming march..did i tell u that? im continuing my master at the moment...hehehhehe, hoping to get an upgrade salary after my graduation, but yet i think that also unlikely not going to happen, considering my situation at the moment. might be also i will proceed to phd..who knows? at the end? there u have it..a college professor. when i introduce my idea of becoming a lecturer to my wife, she hated it. ahahahh....dun know why.

do you feel the heat? i mean it is very hot. even showering thunder could not eliminate the heat and the warmness of the weather. i often 'topless' at home only wearing my Hawaiian trouser, cant bare the heat..sorry man. i shower 3-4 times daily... hehehe..i dun have hairy chest (im not a hairy person) so, less sweat odor and less stink aroma. but i do wear my deodorant at home, i dun know why..i like the smell of freshness not the stinking heat smell.

oklah..enuf for today, actually i just finished my assignment (i have to submit it by 2morro). feels like writing something..then blik! i do have a blog..why not i write something in there instead. talk to guys later.

until then

p.s: what is like to be rich??

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

---~@ Updates @~----

welcome to my page for todays reviews. for updates of my current availability..u know wat? i will start working next month! yup...after 3 long months of waiting and suffering..at last yahooo! and another good news..i will continue my masters in July! so, starting next month will be the beginning of the new era of ME! im employed and also im a student (again)..hope to c u guys more often after this (n i hope i cud write more..)..

p.s i miss my campus life

until then