Thursday, 7 April 2011

---~@ ehehhe..what a joke @~----

Last Friday, I was at UTM Jalan Semarak. I arrived around 10am and after an hour later I am in my car planning to go home. Then I thought.. why done I make a visit with an old friend of mine at my old company (at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng). I called him and ask him if he is bz and if he could spare some time in meeting me and have a little chat (after all, aku mmg dah lama tk jumpa mamat ni). He said ok.

15 minutes later, aku sampai kat one of the restaurant (used to be tmpt kitaorang lepak after works). Aku sampai awal, sampai je aku kat situ, i saw one of HR staff from my previous company (same company with my friend yg aku nak jumpa la). Hes around my age (well not HR la..some sort of ‘special errands’ kind of guy... and he think he also some sort of ‘important personnel’ in that company considering he hangs around with some ‘special kind of people’ at the top management). From my observation, although this mamat has nothing to do in the office rather than being like a peon, everybody seems to be afraid of him (well, afraid not the exact word..hhmmm..cautious, yes! Tats it..) After I left the company, then I knew why they are so cautious everytime they saw him or being near him. Hahaha..mcm tengok drama swasta plak (u know cita korporat2 melayu yang kaya2, org bawah takut/hormat sgt kat bos2..heheheh)

Anyhow, story cut short, aku bertegur sapa la (kang org ckp sombong plak), u know..same same old stuff like “ko buat apa skang?” “wah, makin berisi ko ye..” soalan biasa bila jumpa kawan lama (i don consider him as a close friend tho, just an ex-officemate). Aku pun bukak cerita pasal the company was booming up and how recently dah jadik international company (one international company acquire some share or what ever in that company-i don give a fu#$)..cmon, i just making a conversation! cause i don have anything to say to this kaki kipas guy..hehheheh.

5 minutes later (feels like 4ever to me), my friend arrived. And we chat and talk about things (I kept my voice down cause i knew he was listening every word that came out from my mouth..mcm aku tak tau..hahahah), and suddenly, si mamat ni pun bercerita,

“skang ni, kalau tak cukup pekerja tak payah nak iklan2 dah. Kita boleh amik mana2 pekerja dari mana2 cawangan. Kita ada lebih dari 48000 people worldwide. Dari Vietnam...”

Wat the hell? Do u think i came here and meeting my friend is to beg the company to take me back? Kawan, ayo..ko tak penah ada kawan lama ka? I am here to meet up wit my old friend la..not to lobi a job vacancies? What a joke...and i knew 5 minute later after he arrive at the office, the ‘special kind of people’ that he hangs around with will know the story and said how desperate I am and how pathetic of me...n u know what? I don give a damn of what u think! I am me and I know what im doing.

U know, when i was still working with the company, this mamat came to me several time, asking me if I am willing to donate some money in building a surau. Then dia pun cita ini macam ini macam, bila lagi nak buat amal jariah and buat pahala. Sometimes aku pelik org2 mcm ni, mulut tak serupa bikin. One time you talk about dosa and pahala and then the next ko cita pasal keburukan org lain. Aku tak cakap aku baik, but i know when to shut up and when to open up (u dig?) Kenapa aku cakap mcm tu? Well, here is my story. My ex-table (i like tat really, i really like my old table) was located next to the ‘very important people’s’ room (well he thinks he is important). So, from time to time when this guy did not have LEGOs to play, he came to this room and talk to his cronies inside the room. Aku dengar la apa dorang cita (mcm2 cita aku dengar)..aku bukan pekak lagi..thats how i know what kind of person he is and what kind of quality the person INSIDE the room.

Berbalik pada cita tadik, dlm 15 minutes later the mamat left and i can talk freely with my friend without any ‘bugs’ nearby. We talked about family, my studies..talked about how he quits smoking 4 months ago and so on. Not a thing about me trying to get me into the company! Duh!

After nearly an hour later, I left and say goodbye to him and bump into another ex-officemate. We talked about 5 minutes then I head back to Putrajaya. Its already late and i don want to be late (again) in picking up my daughter from school!

p/s: jangan pandang orang tadak mata, one day u at the top the next day u will be at the bottom of the pitch. Once u at the top, remember where you from..what goes around WILL always comes around..the higher u r, the harder u fall. Just remember that well..boy!

until then