Saturday, 27 January 2007

Book Fare-Ahoy Rotterdam

Yesterday was heaven for ulat buku!

Time ni, sapa-sapa yang suka novel and apa saja jenis buku Inggeris, inilah masanya untuk membeli belah. Novel, cerpen, kamus, buku kanak-kanak, etc. Suma buka yang dijual up to 90% off. Tapi, untuk buku yang baru terbit agak susah sikit la beb. Tapi buku lain, kalau nak di bandingkan dengan harga asal dengan harga promosi, jauh lebih murah dan berbaloi.

Nak amik gambar kat dalam tak boleh so kita amik gambar kat luar

Memula sampai bukan main ghairah lagi sebab banyak novel oleh penulis terkenal seperty Sidney Sheldon, Amy Tan, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, JRR Tolken dan ramai lagi penulis terkenal dijual dengan harga yang cukup murah! Even kalau kita convert Euro to RM still lagi murah. Banyak jugaklah buku yang terbeli, tapi tak pe, setahun punya stok, tahun depan kita tambah lagi...ehhehehe.

Tapi yang agak down sikit, walaupun iklan stated buku-buku yang akan dijual adalah buku berbahasa Inggeris, tetapi hampir separuh buku yang dijual adalah berbahasa Dutch. Kecewa sikitlah sebab pilihan buku dah jadik kurang. Tapi apalah hal, jualan dorang, dorang punya hallah.

"Aiman tak kisah.."

Selamat membaca to u all!

Nak pinjam buku ke?
Until then.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Perpisahan Terasing

I know some of you out there doesnt hear much KRU. In case you havent heard bout the group, well you can searh 'KRU' with Google Search..ahak! Anyways...the bestest song I ever enjoyed with this group is "Perpisahan Terasing" a fine reconstruction song of Allahyarham Sudirman's "Terasing" by the trio. Call me sentimental or call me romantic, heck..i really loved the song and nuthing u can do or say could change that.

p/s:Can u feel the love?? LOL

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Sembelit 2005

ahahhaahha...mauk pecah perut aku tetak!! Cali Cali

p/s:Lamak aku sik nangga lawak kedak tuk..sekali sekala best juak..(agik mauk tetak aku tok)

Friday, 19 January 2007


Storm hit Europe!

You can read more here or kat sini.

The unusual sound of strong wind started two days back, the wind blew stronger and furiously than before. Not until yesterday noon, i heard a loud noise coming from outside. And when i take a look, this is what i found.

Yup, our fence was torn down by the storm. I can see through my neighbour's backyard and they can see my other neighbour's backyard.

I have heard from the news, the wind blew as strong as 150 km/hr. No wonder the fences cant hold.

The storm hit us in straight line with a punch

Now, we and the neigbours shared the same backyard

Monday, 15 January 2007


Sharing thoughts always the new beginning of an idea

Things to do if ideas pop up in yer head:

1) ALWAYS carry paper

2) Be descriptive when writing it down

3) Plan for not planning on it

4) Good environments matter

5) Think big picture down

6) Organize your thoughts

7) Know when to stop

p/s: Im out of ideas

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Cheese and Clogs Factory

From Volendam to Den Haag, we stopped at one from many Cheese and Clogs Factory located here in Volendam. At first, we just want to snap one or two picture outside the factory.

Not long after, came a young lady asking whether we care to join her for a short factory tour? When she saw our long dismissal face...she quickly explained that there will be no entrance fee., dah sampai sini..takan tak nak singgah betul tak? So..what the heck...lagipun free.

Cheese and Clogs Factory

As you all know, Holland is unquestionable the `cheese country' not only because of its high export or the wide variety of Dutch cheeses available at the supermarket or delicatessen but also because the Dutch culture is entrenched in cheese. Cheese primarily consists of the solid elements of milk: the fat, the proteins and the vitamins and minerals. Ten kilos of milk are required to make one kilo of cheese.

Inside the factory we had a small tour. We were explained how cheese being made and also the complicated process of cheese making. From what I am understand, cheese is made by curdling the milk. After a while, the homogeneous fluid changes into a mixture of solid particles and a pale yellow liquid. These are separated and the solid elements make up the curd. The residual fluid is called whey.

The curd then pressed into moulds. After which the cheese goes into a brine bath for several days. The reasons for this process, salt (brine) gives the cheese its savoury taste and inhibits the growth of undesirable bacteria which can also affect the flavour. Whilst the cheese is maturing the long molecules break down. In addition, carbon dioxide is formed, which causes the `holes' in the cheeses which professionals call `eyes'. Some cheeses have extra large holes due to the addition of propionic acid which also gives the sweet, nutty flavour.

During the maturing, the cheeses are provided at regular intervals with a thin coat of plastic which protects the rind against the formation of mould. And the cheese also turn regularly. Most Dutch cheese must, by law, be matured for at least four weeks.

Cheese or 'kaas' in Dutch

Subsequently it is stored and thus gradually matures into the delicious product we can buy in the shops. Well, that's about it..short tutorial in making Cheese.

In addition, after serving, if you have any cheese left over, you'll want to re-wrap it and place in the cheese or vegetable compartment of your refrigerator. These drawers are designed to provide extra humidity, just the thing for keeping cheese at its peak.

Clogs. Traditional clogs were made out of willow or poplar wood. For the Dutch, clogs are known as klompen. The traditional, all wooden, Dutch clogs have been used as everyday shoe during 18th and early 19th centuries. During that period, most of the Dutch were living in inadequate condition and generally they can't afford leather shoes.

So, instead of wearing a leather shoe, they wore a wooden shoe that made from willow tree or Poplar Tree which they can be acquire easily.

Also, Dutch people mainly were farmer, the use of wooden shoe also apply as a safety shoe to provide them from cow or horse stumping to their feet. Early version of OSHA in the 18th centuries. Plus, they were heavy duty too. From what I've learned form the clogs lady, a pair of clogs can withstand as long as 3 years in the hardest circumstances.

Today, Dutch clogs are available in many tourist shops. Wearing clogs is considered to be healthy for the feet.

Start with a block of wood

Below is a picture of one of traditional tool in clogs making. A very good clogs maker can produce as much as 3 pairs in a day. The tools below is where you shape a block of wood into clogs shape.

Well, guys that's pretty much about it.

p/s:Although there is no entrance fee, she sure knows how to take Euro21.50 out from me for a pair of clogs and a smoke brown cheese.

Second visit to Volendam

Hi again!! The second day of my aunt visit, we went to Volendam (again.. the second time for me & my family). I don't think this is the right time becoz the wind blew very strong. Nak melangkah pun susah! Kalau tak berhati-hati, sure boleh melayang. You know why? Becoz of the location! Just next to the sea.. No wonder la. Air laut memang bergelora.
Namun apa yang menariknya, disebabkan kami membeli-belah pada hari bekerja, suasana lengang. Hanya kami je yang masuk ke kedai2 tersebut. Di kesempatan inilah juga kami berpeluang mengambil gambar dengan pakaian tradisional mereka. Well, terbang la Euro 20 hanya untuk gambar kenang-kenangan.
Jadi sampailah ke acara kemuncak iaitu.. shopping time! heheheeee my hubby pening kepala tengok wife dia amik souveniour, lepas satu, satu.. alang2 dah sampai.. untuk dikirimkan kepada keluarga di kampung.. tapi harganya memg jauh lebih murah berbanding di tempat2 lain. Sekali-sekala apa salahnya..

One of the building in Volendam..

Souveniours shop..

Di tepian pantai..

Memandangkan waktu siang pendek, jadi kedai2 tersebut ditutup awal iaitu pada jam 3.30 petang. Kami pun tak dapatla lama2 kat sana. Lebih kurang pukul 2 lebih perjalanan pulang ke The Hague dimulakan.

p/s : Nampaknya kena puasala lepas ni, Volendam punya pasal, heheheee..

Den Haag

During my aunt visit last Monday (the day she arrived), we (me, my aunt and my daughter) went to Den Haag city, for window shopping i guess.. Zack decided to stayed at home. Bagi can la kat ladies.. tak nak ganggu. Good husband right! Heheheee.. i'm so lucky. We went there by tram. No need to worry about where to park the car. I have been there before, but i don't have the opportunity to take any picture of the city. Today only i have the chance. So, here's some of the pictures i took that day. Enjoy!!

Inside the tram.. my daughter with her grandma..

My lovely daughter.. See that shoes, yellow you..

Old building in Den Haag..



Well, that's all i have. To be continue soon.. bye.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Evening in Wateringen

I am sure you know or heard a phrase "Evening in Paris". Well, 'Evening in Paris' as you familiar with is actually a perfume, a unique character among her class.

Well, I will not going to discuss or talk about a perfume of any other precious antique items, let the expert do all the talking.

During early of the week, my wife have an appointment with a local doctor. The time almost 3.30pm but the weather was cold and wind blowing strong. Observing the beauty of evening during the cold winter breeze bring calm and relaxing feelings. The sensation is different. The atmosphere was uncommon for us Asian. Especially during this kind of weather which I had only experienced twice in my life (this will be the second). The mood its bring, sometimes romantic and sometime sad. And at the same time you could feel an urge to be alive again with all cause! Well, after all...that what I felt.

A house stood alone to be grasp

A nice setting with a windmill

From what I had heard from a friend here, locals care less about winter. I am not saying they hate the cold weather, its just that just maybe because of the cold weather and short day light everyday. More indoor activities rather than outdoor. Coming to think of it, if you live here, born and raised here..I might feel the same. Because we are Asian, we used to tropical whether..we only have 2 seasons. Either dry or wet. Not much of excitement though. Especially during 'tengkujuh' season..don't you hate when its happen? you have it. It is the same everywhere. Dutch dislike winter as much as we Asian do not like wet and flooding season.

A path along the beautiful evening. Amazing, and such a beauty

Almost all small shops and stores close very early about 4pm - 5pm in the evening. But the big 'guns' open until 8 pm or later but no more than 9pm. So, we like to shop during the evening. But if anything like groceries or some ingredients for cooking, we had to shop earlier. Sometimes, even if we really do not have anything to buy, we just simply went out and had our window shopping just for the fun of may I say this, it is more relaxing and release some tension inside your head. The evening view, the scenery during evening cruz is mesmerising and when you catch a sight of Dutch house after day light, you will be surprise how much they spend for decorating and interior designing.

Dutch people like to decorate their living room and hall with all kind of beautiful light. And most of them do not have a thick curtains like we Asian do. They love do display what they had inside their house. And from what I had read somewhere ( I cant remember), The relatively small space in which the Dutch must live together makes respect for personal privacy is a must. However, there is also an apparent need to reassure the world of one's respectability and tolerance, which may leads many Dutch to let privacy go by leaving the curtains of front window undrawn so that all can see how proper, and perhaps how prosperous, everything is inside.

Well, some people had their own reasons. But for us, we just love the views!

A very fine evening and romantic scenery

My wife love this picture

After all the evening in the world, did you ever come to think which evening will be your favourite evening?

p/s:For newly wed couple..their very first evening as husband and wife will be their bestest evening ever in their entire life. Agree?

Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year 2007

Been experiencing a great happy new year celebration was one of a heck event in my life and family. With vast amount of fireworks and firecrackers displayed...the view was grand and eye catching!! The satisfaction is absolute and definite. Countless fireworks and firecrackers piling up and air. I remembered as a child I loved to watch 'The wonderful World of Disney"..remember when Mickey showed up and followed by colourful fireworks? Well, actually it was nothing close to that. Its more than that. stunning! I do not have words to describe how dramatic the event was..but I tell you this, it was astonishing and spectacular!!

Some of the pictures during the midnight..enjoy!!

The fireworks show last nearly 2 hours after midnight

The fireworks started early during the week. I guess they just continue celebrating just after the Christmas. And I tell you, they got tonnes of fireworks.

Right above my head!

And another right in front of my eyes!

What a view

Second for quality, but..fireworks everywhere!

Anyways guys, have a great New Year 2007! Tune your engine right and you will get along fine.

p/s:It will be a different year this year, I'm adding up my family into four in June.