Tuesday, 26 May 2009

---~@ Updates @~----

welcome to my page for todays reviews. for updates of my current availability..u know wat? i will start working next month! yup...after 3 long months of waiting and suffering..at last yahooo! and another good news..i will continue my masters in July! so, starting next month will be the beginning of the new era of ME! im employed and also im a student (again)..hope to c u guys more often after this (n i hope i cud write more..)..

p.s i miss my campus life

until then

Friday, 1 May 2009

---~@ Vacancies? @~---

it is hard, i knew it! i cant deny it! and i could not stop it! Good God...i felt so worthless.

its been 2 months now since i (i meant we...yeah as if i forgot my family) left Holland. sikalang hamba berpijak di bumi yang nyata. Malaysia yang terchenta. and also im officially unemploy for the last couple of month...and still counting (i hope not too long..WAAAaaaaaaaaaa!!!!). actively seeking for 'a' job at the moment. so anybody out there has job opening..just let me know.

i will update on my job seeking or my job hunting from time to time. btw, the following are my past job experience and qualification:-

i) Expert in baby sitting (more than 3 years on site experience)
ii) Ability to handle/adapt extreme pressure (especially from small children and adults dress like a child)
iii) Know to cook rice splendidly without using rice cooker (can u beat that idham?)
iv) Been able to wash and fold clothes nicely according to the color code
v) Responsible for sending and picking up wife from work everyday (except on weekends or when my wife amik mc)

i will accept full time/part time basis, im willing to travel and also willing to be relocate, of coz with 1 month notice. oh yah, i do not have my own transport (but don't worry, i will use public transport-no biggy)

p.s call me or email me

until then