Tuesday, 17 July 2012

--~@ Baik Baik Saja @~---

I quit PGB and joined another Petronas company (from level 49 moved to level 20th), but still in the same regime of expertise. I have one thing keep bothering me for a while now, I never felt like completing my master (convocation was last May) cause u know y? everybody attained their master's nowadays! its a norm to achieved a masters degree..can u imagine? i guess people (human being) likes to compete amongs themselves as if this life is a competitions (well im not..).  

This is my third week with my new job..things have been a little bit slow (because of the restructuring and all)..but I am happy here! less hectic, less politic (no alarm sounded just yet..but i keep telling myself, think +ve!) and less woooorkksss..(heehhe..so far, maybe huhuhuhuhu..after that!) but really i loike it here.

I miss my friends in Melaka (RGT 1, P2 Project)..here, everybody like to..hhmmmm, u know..'boundries applied'. There, no boundries! hahahhaha..a friend told me once, 

"u have to blend with the environment..not the other way around!"

I applied every words (its a philosophy...kan?) u cant let people likes you here and then and expect everybody around you to be nice?! cmon..for example, you wear your bestest shirt, your ironed slack (Armani Brand..ngeh ngeh ngeh) and your new shoes (office shoes like most office geeks put on..) and last but not least your newest addition of eu da toilete and walk into your new office with smile on your face and expect you will know everybody and becomes their friend? hehehhe, kalau hang artis that could be happen la! bagi tempoh bertenang in a a day or two..observe them, learn them and try to blend in..heheheh, then after a week or two..decide! its ur call....have your mother ever told you...

"pilih kawan..jangan carik kawan yang perangai tak elok.."

I do choose my friends...but it doesnt mean i will unfriend (is that even a word "unfriend"? nvm, in FB terms it is..hehhe) the 'unselected' one. Be friend to everybody but as long as you know your limits and everybody's limits...its fine with me (i don know y'all)

I quit smoking 3 years ago, but i am a social smoker (is that a correct phrase 'social smoker'?...is it the same like social workers? nvm..) nway, smoking is one way to blend in...

to be continue... (don expect me to finished up my story in one entry!)

p/s: i do talk a lot am i? hehehhehe...its been a while since my last entry..so, don expect me to stop just yet!

until then