Tuesday, 11 January 2011

---~@ and today @~----

i cant believe this is my second entry of the year (ada kemajuan which also means that i have a lot of time doing nothing!)

i have read one of my friend's blog recently. one particular reason why i brought this up is because we do shared the same problem while working at the same 'roof' couple of years back.
back stabber yeah, thats the key words. the phrase tat changed my life upside down (entirely-im not kidding!). I never expected tat smiley, honest face was so innocent, the face that make u works extra miles, was in fact 'the' person that hate u so much and will eat your guts alive if given a chance. and the worse part of it, this person is the same race as me! so so ironic, coming to think of it..i remembered an old saying said, " keep your friends close and your enemy closer". well, i surely know what it means by now.

back stabber is everywhere, which ever you turn and where ever you go, this species will always be there to hunt you down.

hehehhe..i remembered the first day i joined the company, i promised myself that this is the company that i will give 110%, cause im so tired of jumping here n there (finding a very cozy working environment is not an easy job, and trust me, u will never found one) and plus the company is 100% bumi and the business was good with more than 10mill annual revenue (which is not bad considering the company is still quite new in the market). but in the end, the back stabber ruined my life and my, well u may call it too ambitious career ambitions.

that is long time ago and in time, i might forgive them (but not forget). I truly believe that,
"doa orang yang teraniaya dimakmulkan tuhan". all i can say that, what goes around will comes around.

p.s. better watch your steps if u r now working with 100% bumi company...do not say i didn't warned you (unless u r the back stabber yourself). good luck!

until then

Sunday, 9 January 2011

---~@ and now what @~---

it seems like yesterday since i enrolled myself with campus life, and 4 months from now, i will get my master. Times do flies. I meant it! I could not even believe it myself sometimes. You know what, sometimes..at nite (u know when u try to find the sleeping 'tune'..) when i closed my eyes, i can still remember what it feels like during my early childhood. I remember i 've lost my selipar jepun at the age of 5, i sure wont forget the pain at my right eye during my first school fight at the age of 71/2 and of coz my teens and now..hhmmm..im turning 34 this year, and yet it seems odd. heheheh..midlife crisis? so early meh? ahhahah, i don think so.

there is so much in my life that i dreams on doing. bungee jumping for instance, skydiving, kissing my wife at the top of Eiffel Tower, becoming a billionaire..and so on. well u know wat, none of those dreams will ever coming true even if i lived and died seven times.

have u ever experience, u know..when u woke up every morning thinking on what must u do today? what will be inside my life menu today? hhmmm..i wonder, wait let me see, breakfast at 9, then lunch at 1, oh ya..pick up mails, bla bla bla. heheheh, it funny sometimes when u can plan your life 2-3 days ahead (when everything you do becoming a rutin). the only change in ur life menu is during the weekends, and tats it! when Monday comes, the shit will begins all over again, and just when you becoming to realizes your surrounding...the new year is just around the corner and yes it will add up another year in your pathetic life. (well maybe not yours..)

this is my first entry in the year 2011, and coming to think of it (from my past entry last year), this very entry will be the only entry in this boring year (altho i hope i cud write more..u know, to understand my inner self..ahahahhah)

anyways, hepi new year 2011 to all of you, may your life full of enjoyment and happiness...not like mine.

p.s: the only thing cheerful today was, man utd have beat liverpool in FA cup 4th round at Old Trafford, well not much actually but enuf to keep me smiling for 15 minutes.

until then