Tuesday, 11 January 2011

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i cant believe this is my second entry of the year (ada kemajuan which also means that i have a lot of time doing nothing!)

i have read one of my friend's blog recently. one particular reason why i brought this up is because we do shared the same problem while working at the same 'roof' couple of years back.
back stabber yeah, thats the key words. the phrase tat changed my life upside down (entirely-im not kidding!). I never expected tat smiley, honest face was so innocent, the face that make u works extra miles, was in fact 'the' person that hate u so much and will eat your guts alive if given a chance. and the worse part of it, this person is the same race as me! so so ironic, coming to think of it..i remembered an old saying said, " keep your friends close and your enemy closer". well, i surely know what it means by now.

back stabber is everywhere, which ever you turn and where ever you go, this species will always be there to hunt you down.

hehehhe..i remembered the first day i joined the company, i promised myself that this is the company that i will give 110%, cause im so tired of jumping here n there (finding a very cozy working environment is not an easy job, and trust me, u will never found one) and plus the company is 100% bumi and the business was good with more than 10mill annual revenue (which is not bad considering the company is still quite new in the market). but in the end, the back stabber ruined my life and my, well u may call it too ambitious career ambitions.

that is long time ago and in time, i might forgive them (but not forget). I truly believe that,
"doa orang yang teraniaya dimakmulkan tuhan". all i can say that, what goes around will comes around.

p.s. better watch your steps if u r now working with 100% bumi company...do not say i didn't warned you (unless u r the back stabber yourself). good luck!

until then


gus said...

Agreed. But it doesn't only happen in Bumi companies. It's everywhere. Especially where there are ambitious and selfish people who will stop at nothing to get their way. I guess it's not too early to congratulate you on your Masters achievement. It's not easy being a student.

P/s: I seriously believe in the concept of 'what goes around comes around' I've experienced several cases myself and it only makes me elieve in myself even more and I would always remind myself to 'do onto others what you wish others do onto you'. Call it karma, call it a break; it happens all the same.

silabi & yatie said...

heheheh..agus, sik ku sangka ko gik follow blog aku tok owh. thanks bro! being a student not an easy job indeed..happy new year to u too Gus!