Wednesday, 28 January 2009

---~@ My newest Addition @~----

my frend just came back from US yesterday after 2 weeks holiday. u know what he bought me (as per my wife request..suppose to be a surprise but it didnt came out that way) a new member of my HRC classic cap collection! i looike! thanks man!

and honey thanks for the gift and weally love you!!

p.s. cant wait for my HRC classic T to arrive by mail. he said he bought me that too!

until then

Friday, 9 January 2009

---~@ Hard Rock Cafe @~----

HRC brand always one of my fav. collection (other than coins, Levi's, etc..i am a geek. ahahhahah) . but my main interest of HRC merchandise is the ultimate classic HRC cap, also HRC classic T, also HRC pins, also ( many kah?). anyhow, HRC accesories for eg: HRC watch never came in my mind before this. nak di jadikan cerita, one night while im checking my HRC's points (im a member of HRC All Access), this particular watch get my attention. it get my attention so hard (as hard as i press 'buy' button in the cart).

and after couple of days (yup that fast bro! two days! believe it!) i get my own HRC watch! splendid! marvelous! Lavaskutur! I like!!

Men's Double Band Chronograph


Chronograph includes stopwatch, alarm, light and reset on a gunmetal dial marked with luminescence. Red second-hand. Water-resistant stainless steel case. Black leather band with genuine leather lining.

HRC Corp, Orlando

not bad huh?

i know it was last year..but still, the smells of leather..outstanding!

P.S. now my HRC watch rest with the other (my watch collections. what brand? thats another story to tell)

until then

Thursday, 8 January 2009

---~@Crazy old Winter @~----

crazy winter weather. well, sort of (heheheh..). this whole week here has been..well u know..cold. I usually love winter, but I'm ready for spring! i remember saying that i love winter because i dont have to choose what should i wear (well, nobody will know what u have on your body inside those heavy winter they?) anyways, i take that back. i hate winter. its so cold, they freeze my brain in (not out!). stop talking about snuggling/cuddling and this kind of weather i think they do not apply..hehehhe (sometime they do..)tho, but coming to that (the snuggling/cuddling thingy..) dont u guys (married couple only..others not applicable..ehhehe) snuggle/cuddling/curl-up (or whateva u called it) your partner/s? i like the warm feel of .................................................................( sorry for the long having my flashback.. ahahahahhaha ). anyways, doesnt it feel good and cozy..does it? (tell me about it!) gud luck wit that!

talking about winter again. Just two hours ago, I went outside to take out the trash; and it had begun to rain, the temperature on this evening to wrap up a crazy Thursday -8 degrees. I feel like jumping into the hot tub right that moment. Now, hours after that, ... after tugging my two daughters to i am, surfing the net...alone (oh yeah, she will be late tonight, attending dinner invitation somewhere in The Hague). doesnt matter..doesnt it?

what people always do during this kind of weather? chillin' ? ahahhaha.i guess so.

P.S. Winter love..always refreshing. dont u think?

until then

Saturday, 3 January 2009

---~@ Happy Year is new Year?@~---

its been a while since i wrote something (well hardly anything..) in here. it just that i dun feel like writing (u know wat i mean). well, the new year is here and the countdown will start all over again. what is my new year resolution/s? i dun know to tell u the truth. i dun even remembered my last year resolutions (did i achieved? u guess hehehhe). but one thing damn sure.. im a year older than last year. yup..older each and every year.

what happened to me for the last couple of months (last year)? nuthing much. hhhmm..i went to Rembrant Museum. Admiring his famous painting..De painting..." Night Watch". I visit Van Gogh Museum (the mad painter..i told my wife). just because u cant wooo some gals, doesnt mean u have to shoot yourself dead..i cant even imagine this kind of silly thinking of some so called 'genius' people..sometime they were just plain stupid. oh yeah..i went to Anne Frank House Museum, the dramatic live of a jewish gal during world war II. she was one of over one million jewish children
who died in the Holocaust. you should read her book u know (original dairy written by herself, then later published by her father after her death) , highly recommended. im not a story teller person myself, so its better if u read it by yourself... and learn about her journey until her death in March 1945. Sad story...

hhmmm..wat else, i've been to several parties, my wife attending a gala dinner party with Nadia as a guest singer. Nadia? she was one of the finalist of AF6 (well that wat they told not really sure..) shes good (eventho i never heard of her b4 this)..talented young gal, good PR and speak good English (not like some malaysian singer..)

apa lagi...well thats about it i think. well, a little hic-up here and there. (i shouldnt tell u guys...sshhh..its my secrets). and did i told u that my houseboiler had been broken? hehehhe, my mistake. it was one hell of chilly winter inside the house. and today..i left my car key inside my car and the car was locked. the keys locked inside my locked car. so irony. silly me again..(yeah yeah..i told you im not myself lately..). i keep forgotten things that i should not forget (luckily i don forget that im still married...hehehhe). anyways..cerita hujung minggu, macam2. (i did not tell u how i manage to retrieve my keys didnt i? well..thats another story).

P.S. but its not long now, till i get on my way...

until then