Monday, 31 December 2007

---~@ Evolution of Dance @~---

the most watched video at You Tube in the year of 2007 with 69,955,948 viewers and counting......



evolution of dance from mr. Bean himself

and from the fat hippo with his dog frend

P.S. selamat tahun baru 2008!

until then

Thursday, 27 December 2007

---~@ Old Kadayan Saying @~---

just wanna share with u guys.

u like fishing? i do. as a kampung boy fishing is one of my main hobbies (other than climbing trees, swimming, play hide n seek, polis sentri, etc), but fishing was always on top of my list.

u know, near my grandfather's house..there is a small shallow river. i remembered me and my cousins and my aunts (im the eldest grandchild and my mum is the eldest from 12 siblings, so u can imagine how young my aunts was at tat time..) love to fish at tat small river. after fishing we went skinny deep! and continue playing until the water turned to brown because of the mud we stirred. yup.. happy memories. nowadays, we laugh when we talk about our child's life amongst us. oh yes, we had a very enjoyable life back then.

but, wat i wanna share wit u guys is an old kadayan saying. my great grandfather (may Allah bless his soul) had told us...if let say it happens that the fish manage to unhook itself from your hook, u got to say this:

"pung lilis, mun kau baitahu mamamu, umpung mulut mu bebuidis belangau begiuk!"

meaning tat if the fugitive fish told his relatives or his mother about a fisherman is running loose in their neighbourhood, he will pay the consequences (in this case he will loose his mouth while maggots eating his flesh...alive).

hhhmm..not a beautiful way to die isnt it. anyways, its just and old kadayan saying, and u know wat, the spell works! (i tried not to cast the spell couples of time..thus, i dun catch any fish after the 'one' get loose..) call me superstitious, but i do believe the spell works.

"Pung lilis?" i really dun know wat does it means actually. but i believed it is a name of some kind of creature or maybe an object or a thing. im not really sure.

P.S. ada sebuting lagi mun mengail uja datu ku, mun beluih lauk jaan dikia, bia tia banyak mana ulih dii, mun dihitung..inda tia kau beluih lauk lagi tu. also true...

until then

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

---~@ Mengarut @~---

i remembered when i was a little boy, my mother always told me to be kind to everybody, respect your elders and be polite in every sense. use your brain not your head. when im older..all her advices seems to fade away bit by bit. i dun know, i guess when you are older and becoming more matured, your own mind took control of yourself and your way of thinking becoming more complicated and optimistic. eventually, my mum's advises becoming more to only a guideline to me.

i bet in everybody's life, we all have a black dots in our memory book. some we will never forget and some we want to forget but we cant. yet, it always haunting me down whenever i let my guards down. and when it comes i feel sad, regrets, down and sorry for all the things i have done. i wish i can turn back time and amend my mistakes but that will be remarkably impossible.

after all these years..i always thinking that there are so much more in ones life that ones shouldn't neglect even a single tiny breath. whats the points if u arrived at point B while you still have unfinish business at point A?

P.S. reasons sometimes consisting of many different matters, the more you struggle the deeper you fall into it.

until then

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

---~@ De Afsluitdijk @~---

ingat hari ni nak gi 'De Afsluitdijk'...tak jadi. si kecik selsema. so cancel. i promise i will post an entry later..bila dah sampai sana.

to give u guys an idea wat is the place really about...

there..i plan to go there

fascinating view isnt it? stretching almost 30km across the zuiderzee

P.S. To be continue..

until then

Thursday, 20 December 2007

---~@ Ho! Ho! Ho! Snow!@~---

it was minus 2 outside. salji start turun hari ni. mcm biasa, aku pun sakai kejap. dorang (sapa dorang tu?) budget tahun ni winter sejuk sikit, anyways.., aku nak enjoy winter ni while it last!

cantik, beku, putih and sejuk

canal pun dah start beku,tahun ni kemungkinan besar dorang (seriuosly..sapa dorang ni??) buat acara ice-skating kat centrum. aku nak try join!

budak2 ni pun dah start skating kat canal. aku try turun tadik, but once i step one foot onto the freezing canal....ive heard a cracking sound (bunyi mcm dlm cita "ice-age". heheheh..oversized badak nak try skating..). budak2 ni bila dengar tat cracking sound menggagau naik darat..ahhahahha..u shud've seen their faces!

P.S. one thing i like about winter is aku tak payah pening kepala nak pakai baju/fesyen apa. pakai la baju apa2 kat dalam then pakai winter jacket kat luar. pakai lah jaket tu seminggu or sebulan, nobody will cares! Winter Love.

until then

Sunday, 16 December 2007

---~@ Zaanse Schans @~---

Zaanse Schans, a museum village on the River Zaan, just north of Amsterdam. Salah satu tempat menarik yang patut dikunjungi oleh pelancong. Tempat ni sama mcm Kinderdijk, Rotterdam (Jelin tau tempat ni, kitorang gi sama2. Sorilah Jelin, aku x bawak ko gi sini). Cuma bezanya Kinderdijk banyak kincir angin berbanding kat sini. Tapi, viewnya jauh lebih cantik di sini berbanding Kinderdijk.

Here, u will find Albert Heijn's first grocery shop (kedai runcit kitaorang..), as well as various museums, a clogmaker, a cheese maker and a center for old craft and trades.

Of more than 600 of the original windmills from this area (within a range of 10km along the river), 4 windmills were re-erected and have been preserved. the first mill to be built here was a sawmill (1592), the 'green' mill also known as 'De Kat', a working mustard mill dating from 1786, the black 'Gekroonde Poelen-burg' (1869), an oil 'De Zoeker' and oil mill from 1672.

To the xtreme right is an oil mill, which makes oil out of linseed and peanut. Right next to it is a paint and chalk mill (De Kat). the third is a sawmill and the fourth mill is a mustard mill.

the chalk mill 'De Kat'

Dekat dua tahun dok sini, baru ni smpai, heheheee.. So, here we are..... sori beb! (aku patut bawak ko kesini ari tu..), maybe next time

Peace!! Si kakak (Insyirah) kalau suruh bergaya..on d way ke Zaanse Schans.. Perjalanan dari rumah kitorang (Wateringen) lebih kurang 45 minit.

First photo sebaik sahaja kaki mencecah daerah ini.. Cuaca memg sejuk. Merah2 hidung si kakak.

Salah satu kilang membuat cheese yang terdapat di sini. Aku & Insyirah dok mengulang makan 'free cheese' tasting. Bila habis je sekeping, anak aku kata, "Ayah, nak cheese lagi..." hahahaaa makan mcm nak bagi kenyang.. dia memg hantu cheese.. mcm aku la..

Antara deretan kedai yang terdapat di sini.. kedai antik, kedai roti.. dsbnya.

the mustard mill

Kat sini ada cruise untuk mengelilingi tasik tapi cuma beroperasi masa musim panas je.. Hmmm nampaknya kena la datang lagi..

P.S. parking first 30 minutes FOC,after that u only have to pay 6 euro perday (mcm 6euro per-entry la..senang cita). worth every penny i tell u..ehhehe

until then

Saturday, 8 December 2007

---~@ Tulips @~---

tahun ni aku nak try tanam tulip. last year dah terlepas musim. budget nak tanam keliling umah (termasuk garden belakang)..last2 aku tanam 'keliling' depan umah.

petani moden yang baru bangun tido. mandi pun tak lagi ni, kemungkinan besar tulip aku tak jadi.

antara batas2 tulip yg aku tanam. nampak tak bekas tapak kaki aku?? tak nampak?..alamat pendek umur..nak mampus ko ni

puh kanan, puh kiri, cekau cekau ah, cekau cekau ih, ekau ekau ah, ekau ih, haah haah, hiih hiih...jatuh gigi tinggal gusi (kasi jampi skit..)

P.S. I'll post the same photos/batas once my tulips dah kembang. Arise my Tulips! i command u!! i am your father...

until then

Thursday, 6 December 2007

---~@ People Sayz @~---

a frend of mine telling me,

it says:-
it take no time to fall in love
but it takes u years to know wat luv is
but by the time u know it ,
its to late to back off

P.S. well i guess not all love is a lie, but love do lied in unique kind of ways, dun u think?

until then