Wednesday, 26 December 2007

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i remembered when i was a little boy, my mother always told me to be kind to everybody, respect your elders and be polite in every sense. use your brain not your head. when im older..all her advices seems to fade away bit by bit. i dun know, i guess when you are older and becoming more matured, your own mind took control of yourself and your way of thinking becoming more complicated and optimistic. eventually, my mum's advises becoming more to only a guideline to me.

i bet in everybody's life, we all have a black dots in our memory book. some we will never forget and some we want to forget but we cant. yet, it always haunting me down whenever i let my guards down. and when it comes i feel sad, regrets, down and sorry for all the things i have done. i wish i can turn back time and amend my mistakes but that will be remarkably impossible.

after all these years..i always thinking that there are so much more in ones life that ones shouldn't neglect even a single tiny breath. whats the points if u arrived at point B while you still have unfinish business at point A?

P.S. reasons sometimes consisting of many different matters, the more you struggle the deeper you fall into it.

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