Monday, 12 April 2010

---~@and now, whats next?@~---

last weekend was the finale of my second semester. i am planning to have a long break after the finals..but unfortunately i have to take a short semester course next month instead. aduyai..anyways, i have heard that the course did not need me to think as much as i did for the last couple of semester. I only have to sit there, listen what he or she says..anticipation here and there, make sure my attendance is more than 80%..i should finish the course in no time (of coz if the rumors is true ). The only one thing that i look forward for this particular course is that, we will meet new faces, not like now..only 5-6 students in my class. well it a little bit boring though sometimes. I need to interact more and i also need to practice my "Law of Connection" or maybe the "Law of Attraction" assuming i am business oriented, i think i can sell something or maybe nothing thehehhe, dun u think?

i watched my fav team played last night..thinking of it makes me feel like stop writing, but hey..i need to write at least one sentence right. ok, enuf one sentence lets proceed to another paragraph. what? well i don't want to talk about the game or winning team either. the only thing that i know that MY TEAM %$@!KED last night.

i went to Alamanda today with my daughter. Have lunch with my wife at McDonald's (taking the chance of paying less with McValue lunch)...lost my parking ticket and found it again at the information center (thanks to the person who found it..u r an honest person..ada lagi rupanya org mcm ni kat dunia ni..i thought it already extinct)....hang around for another hour after my wife left (her lunch time was over)..met a friend (last i met her a year ago)..and then drove home with looking at the sky saying...

" Damia, looks like its gonna rain again today..." i looked at her and she said

"ayah, ujan...." ahahahha..your mom will be pissed off if its rain yet again, she just washed her car!

P.S: i need to get freshen up and i hate my long hair!

until then