Tuesday, 25 March 2008

--~@ sms miri 90-94@~--

we were the pioneer of the school...for real

gambar taim sekolah dolok2..semua mbiak agik. tat time, semua sik tauk whats gonna happened to them for the next 15 years.

gambar time escape ke pantai-geng2 escape

dpt duit rm300 from yayasan sarawak sbb dpt result bagus dlm srp

P.S.thanks agus n cosmos for the pictures..hehehe aku cilok dr website daknya.

until then

Monday, 24 March 2008

---~@ Tulips @~---

a little update on my tulips plantation (yg aku tanam december last year).

maybe another month or so all my tulips hopefully will bloom, i will keep u all update. yeah!

snow in early spring

my wife off to work and me staying at home

apa macam?, jadi tulip aku ini tahun

hehehhe..rise my tulips! i am your father

P.S. tulip ku berbunga lagi...hehehehe

until then

Saturday, 22 March 2008

---~@ Sea Life @~---

hari ni cuaca unpredictable, but based on weather forecast,the weather will be less windy/shower rain later in the afternoon. eloklah jugak cause we all kuar umah a bit later that afternoon. but still the strong wind..tak bleh elak

sea life Scheveningen, the hague

well guys, some of the picture ive taken. sorry tho for the low quality..heheh. boy, boy still an amateur photographer. anyways, enjoy!

seahorse...one of 32 species of seahorse worldwide

besar gila lobster ni

amazing facts:

- the sea have an average depth of 3.5 km

- on the sea bed, there are mountains higher tha Everest and gorges deeper than the grand canyon

- the ocean cover about 71% of the earth's surface

- about 97% of all the earth's water is saltwater

- only a fraction of the sea bed has been observed

- and i cant swim!

P.S. next stop, dolphinarium

until then

Friday, 21 March 2008

---~@ amsterdam tour @~---

yesterday kitaorang ronda2 amsterdam. first we took a boat ride (an hour trip cruzing along the amsterdam canal) in a luxurious cruise boat!, here we were taken along beautiful imposing canal-side houses with clock, spout and neck gables, the Zevenbogenbruggengracht, the Magere Bridge over the Amstel, the VOC-ship and the docks


first time my two daughters took a boat ride

a shot in one of many bridge along the canal

also called 'the gentleman canal'

then later we went to visit Madame Tussauds which is located on Dam Square in the heart of Amsterdam. Approximatley 10 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station

shut up Bush! let me do the talking!

my wife with michael jackson, black n white

hehehhe..me n Beyonce

her and Lady Diana

P.S. Tomorrow we plan to go to Sea Life at Scheveningen, hope the weather is ok

until then

Thursday, 20 March 2008

---~@ xtra crispy? @~---

shocking discovery! some hawkers in Johor Bahru allegedly been adding plastics straws and bottles into boiling oil before frying their snacks!! (goreng pisang and keledek)

from the source, the trend started in Thailand, for frying ikan bilis and onions...then it spread to kedah and perlis then the rest of the country! also in cameron highland!

what an ugly way to get rich nowadays, org mcm ni patut ditembak dengan senapang gajah..

P.S. eventho those delicacies were one of my fav and also my wife's..i will think more than twice b4 stopping to buy goreng pisang next time.

until then

Friday, 14 March 2008

---~@ Santai jab.. @~---

Everytime i close my eyes - babyface
---~@ here n there @~---

in case u haven read,
here.. (kat mana2 pun sama..so, dun get really fussy about it)

i want to tell u one story, i had my car serviced yesterday. cost me not me much about 200 euros ++ (major service). but b4 tat let me remind u tat my car is a 2nd hand car so i dun expect the car will be in good condition eventho i hope it otherwise. hehehhe

so, nak di jadikan cerita, lepas bagi kunci n settle all the bills, the man at the counter said to my wife;

"i never seen a car in such terrible condition as yours. there were so many rusted part underneath your car and also some of the parts were missing....we need to arrange u a new appointment in order to repair or replace the missing n severely rusted parts..."

tergelak n termalu sekekap bini aku, org yg tepi2 pun senyum2 kambing..lawak sungguh. apalah nasib terbeli kereta teruk.

anyway, one gud thing about these car is the engine in tip top condition..wat a relief, otherwise i had to sell this car n buy a new one..

P.S. baru ko tau...hehehehe, takpa engine ok body teruk, jgn body cantik tapi engine hampeh

until then

Thursday, 6 March 2008

---~@ Checklist @~----

everytime i went for groceries shopping, i always had a checklist with me eventho most of the things in my checklist are the same items every single week (well plus n minus). just playing safe i guess. and i dun want me buying stuff that i didnt need or less important. here are my typical groceries buying list:-

- Susu budak/pampers
- Susu segar
- telur
- roti
- chocolate milk
- yogurt
- Chocolate paste
- Salad
- Ayam or daging
- beras (once a month)

thats some of it tho, but all n all i have euro50 every week to spend on groceries. which is 200 permonth. in which i think very reasonable.

P.S. ahhahaha..im a househusband, what do u expect!

until then