Thursday, 6 March 2008

---~@ Checklist @~----

everytime i went for groceries shopping, i always had a checklist with me eventho most of the things in my checklist are the same items every single week (well plus n minus). just playing safe i guess. and i dun want me buying stuff that i didnt need or less important. here are my typical groceries buying list:-

- Susu budak/pampers
- Susu segar
- telur
- roti
- chocolate milk
- yogurt
- Chocolate paste
- Salad
- Ayam or daging
- beras (once a month)

thats some of it tho, but all n all i have euro50 every week to spend on groceries. which is 200 permonth. in which i think very reasonable.

P.S. a househusband, what do u expect!

until then

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