Saturday, 22 March 2008

---~@ Sea Life @~---

hari ni cuaca unpredictable, but based on weather forecast,the weather will be less windy/shower rain later in the afternoon. eloklah jugak cause we all kuar umah a bit later that afternoon. but still the strong wind..tak bleh elak

sea life Scheveningen, the hague

well guys, some of the picture ive taken. sorry tho for the low quality..heheh. boy, boy still an amateur photographer. anyways, enjoy! of 32 species of seahorse worldwide

besar gila lobster ni

amazing facts:

- the sea have an average depth of 3.5 km

- on the sea bed, there are mountains higher tha Everest and gorges deeper than the grand canyon

- the ocean cover about 71% of the earth's surface

- about 97% of all the earth's water is saltwater

- only a fraction of the sea bed has been observed

- and i cant swim!

P.S. next stop, dolphinarium

until then

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