Friday, 14 March 2008

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i want to tell u one story, i had my car serviced yesterday. cost me not me much about 200 euros ++ (major service). but b4 tat let me remind u tat my car is a 2nd hand car so i dun expect the car will be in good condition eventho i hope it otherwise. hehehhe

so, nak di jadikan cerita, lepas bagi kunci n settle all the bills, the man at the counter said to my wife;

"i never seen a car in such terrible condition as yours. there were so many rusted part underneath your car and also some of the parts were missing....we need to arrange u a new appointment in order to repair or replace the missing n severely rusted parts..."

tergelak n termalu sekekap bini aku, org yg tepi2 pun senyum2 kambing..lawak sungguh. apalah nasib terbeli kereta teruk.

anyway, one gud thing about these car is the engine in tip top condition..wat a relief, otherwise i had to sell this car n buy a new one..

P.S. baru ko tau...hehehehe, takpa engine ok body teruk, jgn body cantik tapi engine hampeh

until then

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