Monday, 14 May 2007

Jelin n wife Holland visit

First day
Venue : Amsterdam

Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

Dam Square, Amsterdam

P.S. Red Light? paham-paham sendiri la

Second Day

Venue : Kinderdijk, Rotterdam and kedai 'gu' Jelin kat Wateringen also Delft (beli cenderahati)

Boat trip along the canal

Windmill, Kinderdijk

Restoran Melayu di Holland (kiri sekali-tuan punya kedai)

Delft time

an old church in the heart of Delft town

Third Day

Venue: Keukenhof and Madurodam

air tenang don sangka no buaya



"Bukan, orkid lah"

P.S. Modurodam pics tadak sbb gua tak masuk..kasik can dorang beromantik kat dalam.

Final Day

Venue: Paris

Sorry la geng, kami cuma hantar dorang ke Schiphol airport, the rest of the pics will be at Jelin's website.

P.S. Honeymoon memang best and romantik. Semoga kekal hingga ke anak cucu.

Until Then

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Glory Glory Man United

Glory glory Man United..Glory Man United as the reds go marching on, on, on!

P.S:Happy hours geng, sorry for Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool's, etc fan. This season is in fact ours.

until then

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Cincin di Jari Manis

Majlis pertunangan telah berlangsung...

Wheres the groom to be?

Bring back any memories guys?

Shes enganged.

P.S: Rasa macam baru semalam aku bertunang...ehhehehehehhe. Yup, sometimes we can miss a world in one blink.

until then

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sudut Kadayan

aku sama anakku

Batah sudah pulang aku kan menulis dalam bahasa kadayam ani, tapi mun ku nulis..wate ku sowang pun inda maahati ujangku. Tapi nda hal pulang tu, siapa yang tahu..paham, sapa yang inda tahu..jaan tah inga. Inda pulang ku majal mun kamu kan mambaca, tapi mun kamu inda paham ujangku ani, jaan tah maah ah.

Bukan ku nganu sapa-sapa pulang, saja bah menulis, bukannya hagut. Hampi setahun labih sudah aku di Holland ani, alum jamu ku tajumpa uang kadayan. Mun tejumpa uang sarawak atu, hagut pulang. Tapi yang tajumpanya uang kadayan bana-bana..alum. Dui..alum ku tajumpa.

Inda pulang ku tahu mun tajumpa uang kadayan tapi betutuan uang putih..puha laaik ku, hantap jua banaa. Bida jamu bunyinya bila betutuan uang putih bunyi kadayan jamu..hantap upanya..ahahhahahahaha.

Tapi, alum lagi ku tajumpa uang sama bahasa aku ani bah. Padian? jauh tah lagi. Kawan? malas tah ku ingau..alum.

Batutuan kadayan ani nda pulang payah sabanaanya. Tapi ada jamu kawan kapada kawanku, alum tah batah di semananjung (inda sampai 2 tahun), bila ia mulih ka kampung..dui, inda tia pandai betutuan kadayan. Hantap jua wang, dai damit kau betutuan kadayan, alum tah batah kelua nagaai..ilang tia kadayanmu. Sipun pun kau bekawin dangan bukan uang kadayan, inda patut bahasa ibundamu ilang. Aku pun bebini uang lua juak..kakal jua jamu tutuan ku. Tantu jua kakal bunyi kadayannya.

Tapi, mun di kajuti, takalua jua kadayan mu atu..ahahhaha. Jaan tah ambung jamu.

Bah, kaang-kaang tah aku berceloteh lagi. Mun ada sapa-sapa uang kadayan out there (ahhahah betutuan uang putih ku jamu jua...LOL) jaan tah supan-supan. Mana tau hampi-hampi..bulih aku bedudun.

P.S:panah kamu melihat ceta 'Si Kudil'?

Until then

We are the Champion!

When the final whistle blew at the Emirate Stadium this evening, where Arsenal vs Chelsea ends up with 1-1 draw, it is now official that Manchester United have won their ninth Premiership Title which was dominated by Chelsea for the past two seasons!

It is a fantastic day for the club and players also for Man U supporters, it is in fact a fantastic season for all of us..(altho semi-final exit Champions League to will pass tru time). Nada hal..nda papa

It is now ours lads!


Peja and Vidic n also Si Ronaldo..hantap jua

Happy Face

In typical Jose style..sorry dude, You lose this season.. better luck next time

P.S: We lose some, we win some..we have a fair game.

Until then

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Malaysian Mind

Total loss in one second!
May 01, 2007 01:40 PM
Author: Chips ~Motor Trader

No, this is not how some midnight racer ended up after losing control. In fact, no one was even in the car when it got crushed. Believe it or not, this is what a car looks like after a garbage truck slams into it!

The incident occurred at the entrance to the Taman Seputeh housing estate in Kuala Lumpur at lunchtime today. A resident who witnessed the accident said that the truck was left unattended and rolled down the slope and smashed into the Proton Putra. The car was pushed down the slope and took down a TNB pole in the process. It’s unlikely that it can ever be rebuilt and should not because the entire bodywork has crumpled.

Strangely, after the incident, the garbage truck (which is owned by a private company) continued on around the neighbourhood and then went off.

P.S: Macam nilah minda orang kita, 'lepas baling sembunyi tangan' yang peliknya, dia boleh sambung keja as if nuthing was happened! Pity. Malaysian still have a long way to go in archiving civilize mind.

until then


Im not in my good mood since yesterday. Cause by a simple question. Why?

My wife will giving birth in a month from now...n nobody in my family was willing to come eventho they will be sponsor all the way (returns ticket to Europe!). Even my mom was not willing to come either, with so many alasan! Risau because of my father's 'bekal' n her newest menantu is pregnant! (she will be due in 6-7 month) C'mon mom, if u care so much for her and father why dun think of this :

1) She has her own mother to take care for her with just a phone call away and her mother will be right by her side 2 hours max. And us? Even mother of a friend of mine came when her daughter was pregnant, and she 60 years old! 60 years old mom..Was that to much to ask?

2) If anything happen to her, all her family members are easy to contact, even her sister's house is just 10-15 minutes away. And us have nobody..cuma kami 3 beranak

3) If you were worried sick about father's bekal, you will be here about how long? 4-ever? Only a month I ask..not 1 year or 10 years..a month! An if u really care so much, i can book ticket right after my wife gave birth. No problem.

4) All expenses will be taking care of..flight ticket-returns, pocket money..everything and still u dun want to come.

What is it with me and my wife asking for favour? Was it my wife was not your choice? Or me is not your son. Or she is not your menantu? Yeah..i know, even during my kenduri u didn't come. I should have known.

Well i guess, i dun wanna talk about this anymore than my wife did. Sometimes friends are better family than our own flesh and blood.

P.S: Tawar hati is one thing but kecik is better to be unsaid.

P.S.S:At least Chelsea kalah to Liverpool yesterday, feel better a bit.