Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Im not in my good mood since yesterday. Cause by a simple question. Why?

My wife will giving birth in a month from now...n nobody in my family was willing to come eventho they will be sponsor all the way (returns ticket to Europe!). Even my mom was not willing to come either, with so many alasan! Risau because of my father's 'bekal' n her newest menantu is pregnant! (she will be due in 6-7 month) C'mon mom, if u care so much for her and father why dun think of this :

1) She has her own mother to take care for her with just a phone call away and her mother will be right by her side 2 hours max. And us? Even mother of a friend of mine came when her daughter was pregnant, and she 60 years old! 60 years old mom..Was that to much to ask?

2) If anything happen to her, all her family members are easy to contact, even her sister's house is just 10-15 minutes away. And us have nobody..cuma kami 3 beranak

3) If you were worried sick about father's bekal, you will be here about how long? 4-ever? Only a month I ask..not 1 year or 10 years..a month! An if u really care so much, i can book ticket right after my wife gave birth. No problem.

4) All expenses will be taking care of..flight ticket-returns, pocket money..everything and still u dun want to come.

What is it with me and my wife asking for favour? Was it my wife was not your choice? Or me is not your son. Or she is not your menantu? Yeah..i know, even during my kenduri u didn't come. I should have known.

Well i guess, i dun wanna talk about this anymore than my wife did. Sometimes friends are better family than our own flesh and blood.

P.S: Tawar hati is one thing but kecik is better to be unsaid.

P.S.S:At least Chelsea kalah to Liverpool yesterday, feel better a bit.


pejaghazali said...

lor..yati pregnant ke? tak tahu laa plak..congrats for it.

btw, sorry for the story. aku harap everything will turn fine soon. sabar dude..

Anonymous said...

dude.. cheer up!!.. im in dublin if u need any help.

pejaghazali said...

dublin?? gemok ke kat sana? hehe

si labi said...

thanks for the concerns guys, appreciated.

bukan gemuk la, dia dah pupus.

pejaghazali said...

gemok jadik sandman dlm spiderman3..hehe

si labi said...

pirate dah kuar?