Sunday, 6 May 2007

We are the Champion!

When the final whistle blew at the Emirate Stadium this evening, where Arsenal vs Chelsea ends up with 1-1 draw, it is now official that Manchester United have won their ninth Premiership Title which was dominated by Chelsea for the past two seasons!

It is a fantastic day for the club and players also for Man U supporters, it is in fact a fantastic season for all of us..(altho semi-final exit Champions League to will pass tru time). Nada hal..nda papa

It is now ours lads!


Peja and Vidic n also Si Ronaldo..hantap jua

Happy Face

In typical Jose style..sorry dude, You lose this season.. better luck next time

P.S: We lose some, we win some..we have a fair game.

Until then


Johnny Ong said...

undeniable they are still the best. not easy to build a new team to challenge for a trophy

pejaghazali said...

yup..this is at least 3rd team build by AF to mark in history :D