Tuesday, 26 August 2008

---~@ A Gift of Love @~---

Usually, in the early days of a relationship or marriage, buying each other gifts especially on certain occasions is a must. We take the trouble and the time to shop for a gift to make it really special.

But as time goes on, we may still buy a gift or two but it is no longer as important as both become a little too comfortable with each other. Sometimes, people may even skip buying gifts altogether after a few years into a relationship.

P.S. Do you think buying gifts is important in a relationship? And do you expect a gift from your partner now and then?

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Monday, 25 August 2008

---~@ Santai @~---

Yesterday - Leona Lewis

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

---~@ Dream Lover @~---

Whoa last night i had this weird dream. I mean like out of the blue out of nowhere. I fell asleep thinking of thing A and ended up dreaming about thing Z. I must've been in really really deep sleep.

Ever wake up after a weird dream, and just think......WTF? I do.Here's a few of my doozies..........

-I was the WWII Kamikaze pilot.

-I have this one all the time. I bite into some corn on the cob...and my front 4 teeth come right out. Then I grab my lower teeth and they fall right out in my hand. Then I scream and the rest just spit right out like bullets.

-I'm on a cruise ship, very late at night. I'm outside leaning against the railing, watching the waves go past. It's pitch black and I stand up on the railing. And wonder if I should jump.

-I walk into work. HR calls. I'm fired.

-A beautiful girl does a strip tease for me.....then when things getting 'hotter'..i woke up!! Damn!

-I'm on death row...and i get one wish....I ask for Jennifer Aniston.

-It's Finals Exam week...and I haven't read/study anythin!. And AGAIN, I ask myself...Why? Why do I do this to myself?

-MY ex-girlfriend BEGS me to comeback.

-I'm sitting on the roof of my house and jump! the funny thing was im flying!

-I'm fishing on a river bank, with my fishing rod.....My rod goes down and I pull up a beautiful mermaid.

-I'm insanely smarter than everyone.

-I can see through everyone's clothes.

-My wife wants me to have S*x with her....even MORE.

-Man Utd beats Chelsea 48-0....then we burn their stadium (the sh*thouse) down.

-I hang out around town....with no pants on, running..........

Disturbia - Rihanna

P.S. Im a creative person in my own dreams..well, who doesnt.

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Friday, 22 August 2008

---~@ Morning Breeze @~---

I’ve never been a morning person (except during the good old school days). Some of my odd memories are of waking up at 1 and 2 in the morning, wandering through the quiet house, getting any snacks and put them in a bowl plopping down to watch whatever on the TV, KidQuiz, E-Shopping, or even the news at a stupidly early hours (where you were suppose to be sleeping-snoring).

For this reason, I have spent the last 2 or so years of my life trying to perfect my morning routine. Now waking up is often one of the best parts of my day.

The routine actually starts the night before when I get to eventually/joyfully climb into my beautiful bed. This always makes me happy, not just because I really do love to sleep, but I love my sheets and blankets (and also my wife lying beside me..). I am a believer that a beautiful sleep set makes for beautiful dreams, and a good sleep.
Then, after 5 or 6 hours or so...waking up
Wife to work..

Next, I lay in bed for about two minuets. Sometimes I try to spend a few minutes thinking or laughing about my dreams. They usually make good stories for me later on in the day. When I open my eyes I am not only greeted with the pleasant sight of my simple bedroom and the sound of my daughters chatting with each other, but also with the natural light of the rising sun (this depends on the time of morning and the season) which sprays dozens shades around the walls of my room.. This means that I sleep with the blinds, and often the window open just a little-allowing the night breeze passing through. I hope I can always have an east facing window in my bedroom. The lightness of the room makes it infinitely easier to roll out.

By these processes my three dominant senses—touch, sight, and sound—have been well gratified and the remaining are soon after mended.

I seldom breakfast. I have a funny stomach..eating too early means WC early, so I thought it is better straight to lunch.

The shower and grooming aspects of my routine are less favorable (and also depends on the time of morning and season), but still required to make me feel prepared for the day. For days I searched for the perfect shower curtain, before finding the lovely blue stripes that now keep me cheerful through this tedious process (hhmm..old story).

I have heard and seen that some people struggle with their morning get up. I hope something in your dreams will helps to start your morning get up . Me? I especially favor my wife, allowing her to give me a morning kiss, like those of natural light to make it easier to greet the day right.

P.S:Are you sufficiently bored yet? And yet, I’m happy with my life. Mostly because not what am i, but who i am and I get a little nervous around real, you know real spiders...those eight legged creatures sometimes getting on my nerves!

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