Sunday, 24 August 2008

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Whoa last night i had this weird dream. I mean like out of the blue out of nowhere. I fell asleep thinking of thing A and ended up dreaming about thing Z. I must've been in really really deep sleep.

Ever wake up after a weird dream, and just think......WTF? I do.Here's a few of my doozies..........

-I was the WWII Kamikaze pilot.

-I have this one all the time. I bite into some corn on the cob...and my front 4 teeth come right out. Then I grab my lower teeth and they fall right out in my hand. Then I scream and the rest just spit right out like bullets.

-I'm on a cruise ship, very late at night. I'm outside leaning against the railing, watching the waves go past. It's pitch black and I stand up on the railing. And wonder if I should jump.

-I walk into work. HR calls. I'm fired.

-A beautiful girl does a strip tease for me.....then when things getting 'hotter'..i woke up!! Damn!

-I'm on death row...and i get one wish....I ask for Jennifer Aniston.

-It's Finals Exam week...and I haven't read/study anythin!. And AGAIN, I ask myself...Why? Why do I do this to myself?

-MY ex-girlfriend BEGS me to comeback.

-I'm sitting on the roof of my house and jump! the funny thing was im flying!

-I'm fishing on a river bank, with my fishing rod.....My rod goes down and I pull up a beautiful mermaid.

-I'm insanely smarter than everyone.

-I can see through everyone's clothes.

-My wife wants me to have S*x with her....even MORE.

-Man Utd beats Chelsea 48-0....then we burn their stadium (the sh*thouse) down.

-I hang out around town....with no pants on, running..........

Disturbia - Rihanna

P.S. Im a creative person in my own dreams..well, who doesnt.

until then

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