Thursday, 27 December 2007

---~@ Old Kadayan Saying @~---

just wanna share with u guys.

u like fishing? i do. as a kampung boy fishing is one of my main hobbies (other than climbing trees, swimming, play hide n seek, polis sentri, etc), but fishing was always on top of my list.

u know, near my grandfather's house..there is a small shallow river. i remembered me and my cousins and my aunts (im the eldest grandchild and my mum is the eldest from 12 siblings, so u can imagine how young my aunts was at tat time..) love to fish at tat small river. after fishing we went skinny deep! and continue playing until the water turned to brown because of the mud we stirred. yup.. happy memories. nowadays, we laugh when we talk about our child's life amongst us. oh yes, we had a very enjoyable life back then.

but, wat i wanna share wit u guys is an old kadayan saying. my great grandfather (may Allah bless his soul) had told us...if let say it happens that the fish manage to unhook itself from your hook, u got to say this:

"pung lilis, mun kau baitahu mamamu, umpung mulut mu bebuidis belangau begiuk!"

meaning tat if the fugitive fish told his relatives or his mother about a fisherman is running loose in their neighbourhood, he will pay the consequences (in this case he will loose his mouth while maggots eating his flesh...alive).

hhhmm..not a beautiful way to die isnt it. anyways, its just and old kadayan saying, and u know wat, the spell works! (i tried not to cast the spell couples of time..thus, i dun catch any fish after the 'one' get loose..) call me superstitious, but i do believe the spell works.

"Pung lilis?" i really dun know wat does it means actually. but i believed it is a name of some kind of creature or maybe an object or a thing. im not really sure.

P.S. ada sebuting lagi mun mengail uja datu ku, mun beluih lauk jaan dikia, bia tia banyak mana ulih dii, mun dihitung..inda tia kau beluih lauk lagi tu. also true...

until then


hermzz said...

Alum parnah ku mendangar ucapan mu atu. Lagi pun kediaku inda jua minat mangail ani nyamu. But anyway bro, it is nice to remember back all those days and all those old saying about our life those days!

wang kunchil said...

kalau ngail udang di sungai Lawas,lain lagi bacaan nya tu.."bah dang malai, makan tah umpan ku".. kalau udang terlapas.." umpung mulut mu"..kalau kail menyangkut "oii sampariding ! lapaskan kail ku" tapi kalau dai sambat sekong pun inda luih.. cabul tia mulut tu.."bah buaya ! timbul tah kau "

silabi said...

alum ku mesai tedanga bacaan mu atu jamu. bisai ni kalau dikumpul2, boleh dijadikan buku. thanks liau!