Friday, 9 January 2009

---~@ Hard Rock Cafe @~----

HRC brand always one of my fav. collection (other than coins, Levi's, etc..i am a geek. ahahhahah) . but my main interest of HRC merchandise is the ultimate classic HRC cap, also HRC classic T, also HRC pins, also ( many kah?). anyhow, HRC accesories for eg: HRC watch never came in my mind before this. nak di jadikan cerita, one night while im checking my HRC's points (im a member of HRC All Access), this particular watch get my attention. it get my attention so hard (as hard as i press 'buy' button in the cart).

and after couple of days (yup that fast bro! two days! believe it!) i get my own HRC watch! splendid! marvelous! Lavaskutur! I like!!

Men's Double Band Chronograph


Chronograph includes stopwatch, alarm, light and reset on a gunmetal dial marked with luminescence. Red second-hand. Water-resistant stainless steel case. Black leather band with genuine leather lining.

HRC Corp, Orlando

not bad huh?

i know it was last year..but still, the smells of leather..outstanding!

P.S. now my HRC watch rest with the other (my watch collections. what brand? thats another story to tell)

until then

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