Thursday, 4 January 2007

Evening in Wateringen

I am sure you know or heard a phrase "Evening in Paris". Well, 'Evening in Paris' as you familiar with is actually a perfume, a unique character among her class.

Well, I will not going to discuss or talk about a perfume of any other precious antique items, let the expert do all the talking.

During early of the week, my wife have an appointment with a local doctor. The time almost 3.30pm but the weather was cold and wind blowing strong. Observing the beauty of evening during the cold winter breeze bring calm and relaxing feelings. The sensation is different. The atmosphere was uncommon for us Asian. Especially during this kind of weather which I had only experienced twice in my life (this will be the second). The mood its bring, sometimes romantic and sometime sad. And at the same time you could feel an urge to be alive again with all cause! Well, after all...that what I felt.

A house stood alone to be grasp

A nice setting with a windmill

From what I had heard from a friend here, locals care less about winter. I am not saying they hate the cold weather, its just that just maybe because of the cold weather and short day light everyday. More indoor activities rather than outdoor. Coming to think of it, if you live here, born and raised here..I might feel the same. Because we are Asian, we used to tropical whether..we only have 2 seasons. Either dry or wet. Not much of excitement though. Especially during 'tengkujuh' season..don't you hate when its happen? you have it. It is the same everywhere. Dutch dislike winter as much as we Asian do not like wet and flooding season.

A path along the beautiful evening. Amazing, and such a beauty

Almost all small shops and stores close very early about 4pm - 5pm in the evening. But the big 'guns' open until 8 pm or later but no more than 9pm. So, we like to shop during the evening. But if anything like groceries or some ingredients for cooking, we had to shop earlier. Sometimes, even if we really do not have anything to buy, we just simply went out and had our window shopping just for the fun of may I say this, it is more relaxing and release some tension inside your head. The evening view, the scenery during evening cruz is mesmerising and when you catch a sight of Dutch house after day light, you will be surprise how much they spend for decorating and interior designing.

Dutch people like to decorate their living room and hall with all kind of beautiful light. And most of them do not have a thick curtains like we Asian do. They love do display what they had inside their house. And from what I had read somewhere ( I cant remember), The relatively small space in which the Dutch must live together makes respect for personal privacy is a must. However, there is also an apparent need to reassure the world of one's respectability and tolerance, which may leads many Dutch to let privacy go by leaving the curtains of front window undrawn so that all can see how proper, and perhaps how prosperous, everything is inside.

Well, some people had their own reasons. But for us, we just love the views!

A very fine evening and romantic scenery

My wife love this picture

After all the evening in the world, did you ever come to think which evening will be your favourite evening?

p/s:For newly wed couple..their very first evening as husband and wife will be their bestest evening ever in their entire life. Agree?


agus said...

Good gracious Zack! I'm finally reading your blog. Great pictures. Enlightening stories! Love it!

Epi said...


nice to hear that u have a blog now!! you can blog while spend all the time u have there.
by the way, aku insyaAllah maok turun ngabas kau.. boleh? mun ok kelak aku nangga date.. mayb sometime arnd March!.. Maok gi outlet store d sia and mun ada masa maok ke Roemond..
keep up the good work bro!.. and congratulations on the second one in the making!!!... hehehhehe


Aku said...

ahhaha..agus, iboh tetak blog aku..baru mauk stat bah.

Epi, mun mauk datang iboh malu n jak aku. Padah mauk gi sine, then aku leh usha tempat awal-awal.