Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year 2007

Been experiencing a great happy new year celebration was one of a heck event in my life and family. With vast amount of fireworks and firecrackers displayed...the view was grand and eye catching!! The satisfaction is absolute and definite. Countless fireworks and firecrackers piling up and air. I remembered as a child I loved to watch 'The wonderful World of Disney"..remember when Mickey showed up and followed by colourful fireworks? Well, actually it was nothing close to that. Its more than that. stunning! I do not have words to describe how dramatic the event was..but I tell you this, it was astonishing and spectacular!!

Some of the pictures during the midnight..enjoy!!

The fireworks show last nearly 2 hours after midnight

The fireworks started early during the week. I guess they just continue celebrating just after the Christmas. And I tell you, they got tonnes of fireworks.

Right above my head!

And another right in front of my eyes!

What a view

Second for quality, but..fireworks everywhere!

Anyways guys, have a great New Year 2007! Tune your engine right and you will get along fine.

p/s:It will be a different year this year, I'm adding up my family into four in June.

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