Thursday, 11 January 2007

Den Haag

During my aunt visit last Monday (the day she arrived), we (me, my aunt and my daughter) went to Den Haag city, for window shopping i guess.. Zack decided to stayed at home. Bagi can la kat ladies.. tak nak ganggu. Good husband right! Heheheee.. i'm so lucky. We went there by tram. No need to worry about where to park the car. I have been there before, but i don't have the opportunity to take any picture of the city. Today only i have the chance. So, here's some of the pictures i took that day. Enjoy!!

Inside the tram.. my daughter with her grandma..

My lovely daughter.. See that shoes, yellow you..

Old building in Den Haag..



Well, that's all i have. To be continue soon.. bye.

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