Friday, 19 March 2010

---~@ After A while @~---

my first entry in 2010. im getting older and counting, yet my 2009 resolution seems like....well as far as im concern is down there somewhere in my medulla oblongata, meditating. i quit my job u know..heh. yup im opening my own business now far far in the east malaysia. why in the east bro? one of my 'bro' asked (kenapa kena panggil bro...bila mak aku beranak kan ko?)..anyways. for me east is like something feng sui. u know, mongolian's tent/hut or whatever u call it, always have their door build pointing to the south because they believe rich and wealthy coming from that direction. but for me my star i believe pointing to the east. actually rezeki ada di mana-mana. dimana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan (my ex-boss always said that...for me the quote acceptable in my life) i dont have rich parent (like some kids do..), rich relative? jauh for that particular citation "di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan" i can accept it as true.

my first year will end this coming march..did i tell u that? im continuing my master at the moment...hehehhehe, hoping to get an upgrade salary after my graduation, but yet i think that also unlikely not going to happen, considering my situation at the moment. might be also i will proceed to phd..who knows? at the end? there u have it..a college professor. when i introduce my idea of becoming a lecturer to my wife, she hated it. ahahahh....dun know why.

do you feel the heat? i mean it is very hot. even showering thunder could not eliminate the heat and the warmness of the weather. i often 'topless' at home only wearing my Hawaiian trouser, cant bare the heat..sorry man. i shower 3-4 times daily... hehehe..i dun have hairy chest (im not a hairy person) so, less sweat odor and less stink aroma. but i do wear my deodorant at home, i dun know why..i like the smell of freshness not the stinking heat smell.

oklah..enuf for today, actually i just finished my assignment (i have to submit it by 2morro). feels like writing something..then blik! i do have a blog..why not i write something in there instead. talk to guys later.

until then

p.s: what is like to be rich??


gus said...

You're starting a business? And also studying for masters and phd?

Wow. That's tough. Good to see you're posting again. Me, I'm coming back too. Let's pick up where we left shall we?...

silabi & yatie said...

auk bah bisnis kecil2an, sme la katakan. mun leh kita minum2 :)