Wednesday, 18 June 2008

---~@ Bonn,Germany @~---

Founded also by the Romans in 11 BC, it gained fame because of Ludwig Van Beethoven who was born here in 1770, and Robert Schumann who spent the final years of his life here.

Bonn's Centrum

the central market square in Bonn, shaped like a triagle. a mixture of modern and Baroque architecture.

the centre of the market square is decorated with the Marktbrunnen, a fountain in the shape of an obelisk, erected in 1777.

statue of Beethoven at the market square

another statue of the famous composer near the 'Beethoven Hall' building

the famous Baroque Elector's palace, housing Bonn University

The Godesburg

situated on top of a small spa town of Bad Godesburg. the Godesburg is a ruined castle dating from the 13th century. Today, the romantic ruin of a fortress accommodates a hotel and a restaurant, which both display the harmony between the Middle Ages and the modern spirit.

the “Bergfried”, the highest part of the fortress was maintained though. with euro 1 entrance fee per person, it worth a visit.

going down the tower tru the tiny stairs.

view of small town Bad Budesburg and the Rhine river from on top of the “Bergfried"

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