Tuesday, 17 June 2008

---~@ Koln @~---

last weekend, gi jalan2 kat Koln, German. Tempat cantik. Lepak kat umah member (thanks man!).

Koln was originally founded by Romans as Colonia Agrippina, one of the oldest towns in Germany.

almost 3 hrs drive from home to there

arrived at my frend's house. nice environment with very cosy place

with the kids and the mums

my kids

my kids with her frends!

De Dome, the main attraction here in Koln. also known as 'Kolner Dom' is the most famous Gothic structure in Germany. the foundation stone was lain on 15th August 1248, the cathedral was built gradually until 1520. it then remain unfinished until the 19th centuries. thats almost 700 years of constructions, talking about man hours, forget about man hours lets talk about generations of builders!

the high altar, i think

the cathedral interior. gelap, flash were not allowed unfortunately.

the dad, the mum and with their kids infront of the Kolner Dom

keep on smiling, say cheese!

me and the dome

P.S. thanks to rushdan and family, it was a very pleasant staying with u guys

until then

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