Saturday, 28 June 2008

---~@ empty @~---

penah tak in a day yer brain went nut and totally empty. brainless, no activity or wat so ever?

P.S. happens to me all the time..does it means that im stupid or my brain just dont want to communicate with me? dead? i dun know..maybe merajuk? ahahaa..mengarut!

how many of my brain cells working right at dis moment? how many percent of 'it' giving up on me? wat kind of surgery u think might help or boost up the healing process? i hate myself for not thinking straight....

P.S.S. dun worry, i will 'call' u when u need me ~wink~ (i dun know why i put a picture of half naked chick with phone stuck inside her bikini..seriously dude, i really don)

until then

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