Tuesday, 10 June 2008

---~@ Cinta Monyet @~---

love at first sight? or just love with full of lust and undescribe desire? heheheh, cmon wat do you think? wat about 'cinta monyet'. cinta bebudak if u like to call it. some couple last longer than expected, they went far i tell you..itu baru boleh dipanggil true love! or maybe he just never giving up on her, hoping that someday she will eventually returns his love. Ha! what do know, she did! and the beautiful love story ends with " i do.." or " aku terima nikahnya....bla bla..".

i remember my first 'cinta monyet'. heheheh, tergelak bila ingat balik (dating belakang kelas taim rehat) i know my frend do too, cause we dated the same gal (u know who u r ~wink~). she was my first love..i think. of coz i didnt know wat the f#*& love is obviously, looking back at my record wit gals..naaa..not good!. wat do u expect..hahahah

anyways, experiencing attraction between opposite sex (taim sekolah) somehow seems to me is too demanding. yela..u have to look nice, smells good, guard your attitude and personality..and the list continue,..etc, bla bla. wat she sees in you is a mystery only she could tell, making sure you are perfect in every angle is vital!

tapi itu suma cerita lama, bila ingat balik..mcm badut pun ada! hehhe. i should study more and love less..kalau aku buat mcm tu i might get monthly income not less than 20k every month....heheheh, if talking about the big 'if', suma leh jadik.

Bye Bye - Mariah Carey

P.S. i love my wife.. enuf said. it doesnt matter whom your first love or who loved you the first. as long you love each other, thats matter.

until then

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ur wife said...

i do love you too...