Tuesday, 16 September 2008

---~@ Sleepless in My Bed @~---

i dun sleep well last night. i dun know, most probably because of the warm weather (although it was quite windy during the day). autumn is coming soon and according to the weather forecast, we shall experience strong wind for the entire week.

i dun know about weather, sometimes it doesn't make sense. i missed Malaysia's atmosphere (good god!..its been so long since i used the word 'atmosphere'..funny isn't it). You know sometimes words do not pop up during my daily conversation (especially me, always repeating the same words over and over again, poor vocabulary). but when it come down to write something, words came out everywhere just like popcorn! (even though what i write for eg: grammar/verbs/etc is tunggang terbalik) but i dun care, nobody judge my writing so far. hehhe..my brain's processor to slow (that's the most reasonable answer; i guess). yeah sure. admit it man..your getting sloppy-yeah sure.

seriously, i dun like sleepless night..makes my eyes burns in the morning! but last night were different (well, weather is one of the main reason anyway) but that's not the point. something or someone out there..at my backyard garden, in the middle of the night!. always knocking (more like a tapping sound to me sometimes) at my windows everyday. anyway, the knocking always at 2 am or 3 am in the morning. at first, takut jugak. but after time goes by..we become friend (or so to say, i dun disturb you..you don disturb me) i guess they want to live also right?, so why bother? sharing is always the best solution.

P.S. there something out there people..i tell u

until then


HERMZZ said...

banar eh?? Ada pengait mengkali??? Ketungkalan tah peranak mu.

Bah, aga saja liati siapa nuhun. Somehow or rather kedia atu mau madahkan something mengkali.

Ingat bro, ada dua saja makhluk dalam dunia ani selain manusia. Jin sama Syaitan. Other than that, its only your imagination.

Anyway, assuming its true, tell me more about it geng!!

Anonymous said...

tell me more!!
bila dtg dublin?


silabi & yatie said...

bah, bukan sorang dengar geng, bini aku sekali. gi dublin? ntah la pok, tunggu budget autumn/winter (budget dah abis ke paris)..sikhal, mun ku dtg ada ku madah.ko bila mauk dtg sitok? aku mauk balit mesia dah tok tahun depan.

banar geng, aku pun hairan bah. masa ku mula2 diam umah ani dulu,ada jua ku dangar bunyi2 atu..pikiku uang sabalah ka, tapi bila batah2 hairan jua ku. ngapaya umah ani kian. antah la. tapi geng, belakang umah ku ani ada pohon basar..imbun daunnya (umahnya mengkali jua..) hehehehhe

nordee said...

misteri nusantara nih...ops...tapi ni bukan negara nusantara..hehe

Anonymous said...

sblm kau balit aku dtg... bila rasa2 kau balit mesia?.. aku plan maok pegi next moth.. tapi teket mahal gilak.. so aku decoy pegi barcelona bro..