Thursday, 11 September 2008

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If I've never mentioned it, I have funny looking fingernails. They probably don't looked odd in photos because they're chubby and always next to other 'chubby' (same o same o), like a tea cup shape~ bentuk cawan (well, that was my mife always told me anyway). Yesterday (or the day before, or... I have no idea), I was watching my hands while driving. And, you know how you can repeat a word over and over and it starts sounding wrong? Like, I have this problem with "democratic" especially. After about 10 rounds it just sounds like caveman mush to me. Even the spelling looks wrong, and if I keep going, I worry I might lose the word forever...well, sort of, maybe.

Democratic, democracy,.

The more I watched my fingernails, the more "wrong" they looked. Even before I was 'fat', my hands/fingernails looked the same, so I'm sure it's still looked the same even more now (plus some bruises of wear and tear after all these years). But, back then, it seemed my odd fingernails doesnt looked something "to looked at" as it is now.

I used to get the odd compliment, even. (Okay, maybe two compliments in total. And one was from my mother)

Anyway, hypnotized by the reflection of my hands, one word started pulsing in my head: vestigial. Vestigial. Vestigial. (I have to say that one about 20 times before it starts feeling like a foreign language.) My hands looked like they were going to pop out of Arnold Schwarzenegger's stomach. (No, wait, the cab driver's stomach. The one with eleven kids. You know.)

But I'm over it now. (Sure.)

do you ever thinking of doing manicure of pedicure (what ever it is)? Men dont do that. do they? my wife ask me (couple month b4..i cant remember), she plans do get her nails done. i ask her "what for?, i like your nails just the way it is". and she replied, " i just want to know what it feels like when your nails being pamper and care.." (i guess that was the most reasonable answer), so i said Yes.

Still, i dont see in any way my fingernails were odd or different. they grow evently, colour, smells (maybe) the same as humans fingernails, well.. except, now I feel better for sharing. Exhale.

And try to sleep.

P.S. how much money will it cost me to get a manicure? anyone?

until then

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nordee said...

cuba mengingat..cammana rupa jari kau tu ye..

rajin berblog eh...kalau ada kesempatan datang le 'umah' aku..baru je mengenal dunia blogging nih..