Tuesday, 2 September 2008

---~@ Selamat Berpuasa @~---

Alhamdulillah, it’s Ramadhan again. Time really flies. This time last year, there were only my wife and fellow malaysians (embassy) celebrating the Holy month. No bazaar Ramadhan, no air tebu or kuih-muih to accompany us. And most of the time, there would be sembahyang tarawikh, but only on weekend, berbuka beramai-ramai di kedutaan. Such a small life I was having, thousand miles away from home.

There were time when I miss home so much, miss the warm of my parents love, the presence of my siblings and the food that i might be having at berbuka. But then again, those are memories now.

The sad and joy living overseas that only selected few have the privilege to experience. It’s now time to look forward of what lies in front of me…. bazaar Ramadhan for a start teehehehee…. Berbuka with ayah, emak, As and Ani hit me deep. IM NOT HOME JUST YET

May in this Ramadhan we become a better person than before. May this Ramadhan brings everlasting joy and happiness. May this Ramadhan brings us peace and serenity deep inside our heart and may in this Ramadhan….. we found what we are looking for. InsyaAllah.

P.S. Lagi 3 minggu nak balik mesia. Balik Kampung! Ooooo..Balik Kampung! Oooooo Balik Kampung...Hati girang...

until then