Thursday, 4 September 2008

---~@ Away @~---

Sometimes I had nothing written, sometimes I had outlines, sometimes I had notes to myself. I didn’t think it was helpful to post those on the blog.

my thoughts have been wandering quite a bit lately, toward things that i can't begin to define. i'm working on it, though. so, i have nothing to write. what can i do? maybe the grieve of losing my grandmother still within me.

My life has been playing through my mind as though it were a movie, mostly when I am trying to sleep. I don't verbalize my thoughts to anyone so I am using my blog to clear my head. I don't expect anyone to want to read this..I'm sure it only interests me but you are welcome if you choose tho.

each persons coughs up different stories.

P.S. Please don stop the music inside my head!

until then

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