Wednesday, 3 September 2008

---~@ My GrandMother @~---

My grandmother passed away this afternoon. We all knew it was going to happen, but I didn't think it would be so soon. I'm trying not to think about it, but am thinking really hard about it at the same time.

Weird, yeah? Hah. Sure, she was crabby and sometimes awkward to talk to, but she was pretty chill. She was my grandmother. I always her favourite grandson, n always be.

I keep wondering what's gonna happen. We always go to her house for family get-togethers and during Hari Raya. Well, for these coming Aidil gonna visit you at your final resting place instead. No more hugs n kisses, only Al-Fatihah n Yaasin.

What will we do about it now? What will happen to the house? Will we fall apart or come closer together? It wasn't the same when Grandaddy died because Grandmother was still there. I was younger, too. for god sake, my father was young (n im not even born yet when my grandfather died)..

I'm just happy she went in smooth, no pain or anything. I'm doing that thing I do. Where I think that if I ignore it, it won't be true. But I know it's for real. Even though it feels so surreal.

The funeral was 3 hours ago..

It hurts, but I'll be okay. Grandmother's in a better place. She's with Grandaddy now. She's been sick and tired these last few days. I hope she's happy now, though, wherever she is.

I love you, Grandmother.


until then


HERMZZ said...


Sorry to hear that too bro.

silabi & yatie said...

thanks bro, cuma atu tah nganya jauh hatiku nda sampat bejumpa