Saturday, 14 July 2007

--~@ Secrets @~--

secret. all of us have secrets. secret that only you know, or secret that you shared with other person. secrets that well kept, hidden even your partner didn't have a clue. Secrecy is often controversial. Many people claim that, at least in some situation.

it is better for everyone if everyone knows all the facts—there should be no secrets, but if there is no secret than why act like someone does. and why keep a secret if the urge or revealing it so tempting?

i dun know about you guys, do you share your deepest secrets with others? (e.g marriage partner, bestfrend, parents etc). what happen if they know your secrets but they pretend as if they dun know nothing about it? that would be a heck of humiliation isn't it.

P.S. Everybody have dead body in their closet..jaga tepi kain sendiri cukup, jgn dok risau tepi kain orang lain.

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