Thursday, 12 July 2007

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I miss my home town, Lawas (Sarawak). eventho most of my early years not entirely there..but still, i am a kampung boy. i still remember climbing a rambutan tree with my cousins, fishing at the small pond near my grandfather's dusun, played hide and seek among the bushes, swimming in the mud, playing polis sentri, getting a lot of shouting from my parent because of my clothes were dirty or coming home late from playing...ehheheh, lot and lot of sweet memories.

Lawas is a small town in the northern region of the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. You can key in 'Lawas Town' in any search engine in the net, then there you have it..a tiny place in the map showing you exact location. It is also very close to another Malaysian state called Sabah where the famous Mount Kinabalu is situated. and also 'pasar pilipin' where you could buy unique and traditional souvenirs.

Lawas is accessable by boats from Brunei, Labuan and Limbang. There is also a daily Express bus from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah via Sipitang.

Lawas also can be access from Temburung, Brunei. You can drive all the way from Limbang. It took three hours of easy driving and you had to cross two small rivers, one at Temburong and the other at Trusan using a ferry (rm10 for cars, rm2 for motorcycle).

There is nothing very exciting except for the peace and quiet and I enjoyed the greeneries, fresh air and the hospitality of the local people.

This was taken from the wharf near to the market and it showed the Lawas River. You will notice an express boat at the distance just arriving and the boat in the foreground is used for transporting goods and jungle produce from town to town.

You might be wondering what the water buffalo is doing right in the middle of Lawas town. In Sarawak, the state government encouraged each town to adopt a symbol so that visitors can relate it to the uniqueness of that particular area. In this case a visitor to Lawas will immediately know that farming and rice planting is the main activity here. Kuching , the state capital adopted the feline as its symbol because the name “Kuching” literally means cat in Malay. Miri has adopted the Sea Horse as it wants to project its image as a resort city.

a typical mood in most of the small towns in this region. This shot was taken from the wharf close to the market place at Lawas town and this is the scene just across the river. Life is slow and easy yet there is this feeling of contentment in the air. Nice.

now, looking back at those pictures makes me feel, there is no place like home.

totally a different scenery and environment.

there is no xpress boat..

the trees look dull to me, dun u think

there is no water buffalo or cat here, only windmill

P.S. once a kampung boy, always a kampung boy

until then


HERMZZ said...

It has been ages that I didnt go back to my old kampung in Limbang. Neither do I manage to find some slight time to go back to my grandmom place in Merapok, Lawas.

It has been long ago and I wish I have the time to spent and indulge myself to play at my "use to be home ground" especially in Merapok. I wish....

HERMZZ said...

Boy... aku add saja tia mengkali blog mu ani di blog ku. Buleh tu ah...?

silabi said...

ok tu boy