Tuesday, 3 July 2007

--~@ Kawan @~--

honestly, i dun have many friends as far as im concern. im a little bit 'to myself' for so long. hardly ever making new friend unless being approach. seldom starting a conversation with a complete stranger. always a fool in front of beautiful lady. sometimes i like to observe a lot (i mean a lot) before decided in carry on with a relationship. beauty, materials, skills, rank, status, grade or degree means nothing to me. as long as honesty and integrity playing...im in. i dun care how much i suffered for a good friend. never intend to compete with them either.

for the last few days..i know i have many good friends out there. and i am very thankful (really i do). heheheh...thank god cause somehow, i feel i am a bad person.

P.S. i had a few best friends in the past. but somehow, jodoh kitaorang tak panjang....ehheheh

until then

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