Sunday, 17 June 2007

--~@ FATHER'S DAY @~--

I received a father's day card from my wife. It never occurred to me that in fact i am a father of two. I was stunned for 2 second flat.

Thanks for the card honey, appreciated very very much.

And for all fathers out there, HAPPY FATHERS DAY and God bless!! Also for my friends who already become a father, good luck.

P.S. To my father and my father in law, love u guys and happy father's day!

until then


agus said...

Happy Father's day dear fren. Wah, kuat benar kau kipas aku in previous post. Boleh terbang beb! Thank you sir!

si labi said...

ahhaha..bukan kipas beb! i really mean it. u r good at it!