Monday, 4 June 2007


Being a father is a wonderful feeling. I cried when my first daughter was born and i cried again when Damia was born a week ago.

The sensation was so deep, it buried deep into my heart cuddling them tight. The beginning of a cute relationship between a father and his daughter, for eternity.

I cant imagine how a mother would feels towards her child after nine months of pregnancy. But one thing i did know, they journeyed a painful suffering that only woman can endure.

Anyhow, Damia welcome to your family. Me, your mother and your elder sister will love you for all your live. So, smile and live life to the fullest..cause you are in fact in the safe hand.

Insyirah and Damia

P.S. "nobody ever made me feel this way, i must stick with you.."

until then


agus said...

Oh the joy of being a father. Happy father's day.

P/s: Don't even think of asking when's my turn.

epifit said...

congrats zack!!.. patut lamak sik nangga kau..

p/s: Agus, when is your time??.. hehehe.
i'll be coming home on th 11/8 till 26/8.

Johnny Ong said...

congrats man......anor baby for u to take care also hahahahaha

pejaghazali said...

congrats dude!! :D

si labi said...

thanks u guys!

"kata orang, rezeki jgn ditolak, maut jgn dicari. Hamba setuju" ehehehhe..anyways, thanks again!