Monday, 5 May 2008

---~@ Swiss Part III @~---

~ Chateau De Gruyeres ~

Built in the 11th centuries, the castle was continuously inhabited by the counts of Gruyeres until the mid 16th centuries, when the bankrupted 19th count fled and his lands were divided between the lords of Bern and Fribourg.

day four
. our final destination before driving back to holland.

Gruyères stands in the midst of the Fribourg green pre-Alpine foothills. The castle, one of the most prestigious in Switzerland, towers majestically above the medieval town.

its been raining since early in the morning, but as planned we need to visit the Chateau de Gruyeres. so, not much of the view tho with rains, cloudy and little sun shine, but my wife manage to snaps some of the pictures along the way.

Here's what we came here for, the great late-medieval pile of the Château de Gruyères.

The courtyard from somewhere up along the ramparts

Tempat memasak

The remains of Old Soldiers, with the old soldiers gone.

beautiful glass art painting at the windows.

The Hall of Preposterous Heroic Art

The gardens at the end of the castle, seen from the hall above. This is viewed from the tiny window of the tower room of "Beautiful Luce", who's one of Gruyères' only claims on seriously romantic mythology

a little chapel just outside the castle

Trotting briskly along towards the Château de Gruyères at the top end of the village, we pass first through a gate in the Château St Germain (to the right)

small shop with a beautiful little garden, mesmerizing!

the Gruyeres high street with the view of the Alps

The High Street, looking past the chapel towards the château. Actually restaurants on both sides of the street with a small fountain right in the middle of the street.

such a beauty to end our journey...

P.S. all and all, our swiss trip was one of the best family holiday so far....

until then

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