Thursday, 8 May 2008

--~@ Het Loo Palace @~--

the weekend end up by we visiting Het Loo Palace, Apeldoorn. almost 2hrs drive from wateringen (den haag south). it is the perfect time during this time year to pay a visit to the palace. Het Loo Palace is famous with its beautiful garden which of coz only can be admire during spring or summer.

Today, Het Loo Palace is a national Museum, reflects the historical ties between the House of Orange-Nassau (ancestor of current ruler of The Netherlands) and the Netherlands. On June 20th 1984, the palace and gardens were reopened to the public after 7 years restoration programme.

Exit to Het Loo Palace

The Dolphin Fountain in front of the palace

to the east side of the palace is the Queen's Garden. during the restoration work, the walled garden were restored to their original 17th centuries state.

a welcoming feeling when u walking tru a network of arboured pathways. this is the private garden of Queen Mary, overlooked by her apartment on the east side of the building.

the Lower Garden can be reach from the lower floor of the palace.

The King's Garden to west side of the palace.

The Fountain of Venus, its central location indicative of its being the most important fountain in the Lower Garden.

View across the Lower Garden, with the fountain of Terestrial Globe

im sorry i cant load any pictures of the paintings, medals and many other national heritage of the Kingdom of The Netherland. it is because of the museum policy (heheh..every museum does) "no pictures inside the palace, only at Palace's Gardens".

but i tell you one thing, it worth to visit the palace. altho no pictures were allowed to be taken, you can still buy a very informative books with detailed pictures with explanation in it. the book will tell you the history of the palace,it will walk you tru each and every room inside the palace. and also inside the book you can find a copy of the original blue print of the garden as early as in 17th centuries.

did i mention that the palace have a royal stable and also a fine collection of Royal's vintage cars.

P.S. for more info please click here. ehhehehe, actually here.

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