Friday, 2 May 2008

---~@ Swiss Part II @~---

~ Chateau De Chillon ~

Third day in swiss. Today we are going to visit one from many medieval castles here in swiss, The Chateau de Chillon. This enchanting medieval castle is set on a rocky spur of eastern shore of Lake geneva. Approximately 2 hrs drive from the city.

The castle is one of swiss's most evocative sight, built for Dukes of Savoy. Based on the brochure they gave us at the entrance, the castle origins probably go back to 11th centuries. after several centuries of different construction and alterations, the castle finally open for public.

enchanting view of lake geneva from on top of the hill near the Chillon castle

On the way..with Alps view. here near Montreux is where Chateau De Chillon situated

Main entrance to the castle

Visitor's book , sempat la tinggal kenangan.

the castle's courtyard was surrounded by castle services. Originally (based on the castle's facts) this courtyard was not so large; it was only laid out as it is today after an earthquake in 1584

wooden spoon and bowl, late middle ages. objects originally from the excavation carried out between 1895 and 1909

one from many cooking and grill area

'Heraldic Hall'. this ceremonial hall is decorated with the coats of arms of the Bernese bailiffs (the Chillon administrators who lived in the castle from 1536 to 1733.

The prison hall also called ' Bonivard's Prison'. the castle underground chamber were once used as a prison. Fancois de bonivard (1493-1570) spent 6 years in captivity here. the prisoner were held by chained to the pillars.

amongst many names that once the prisoners of Chillon Castle.

at the sentries gallery, you could find armories used during the good old days

the royal toilet. simple application. sit and enjoy the ride. far down below is where the dumping final resting place..lake geneva

this is where the lords taking their bath accompany with his royal subjects.

one of the nice view of lake geneva just outside the castle

Surrounded by water and thick walls, the castle is also defended by three semicircular turrets.

end of day three. to be continue

until then

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