Monday, 1 October 2007

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its really been a while since i post anything new. i mean really new. sometimes im lost in my own translation. people do lost in a kind of way, yeah..but in my case, im totally lost. to make it even worse, i dun even know wat im saying anymore.

i guess when u r at home for so long and doing nuthing, the mind we called 'brain' slowly hiding himself, crouching, knees close together behind the dark corner..patiently waiting to spring up and eat his prey. Have u ever heard of 'shrinking brain'..i think mine already showing some sign of shrinkage. Slow process but..yeah..LOL

Do u yahoo? well, sometimes i just parked my name/nick in the channel and wait..wait..until somebody msg me (a dude or a gal..i dun care). U know something, i really sucks in making a new conversation. especially to a person i dun even know or meet. Im not sure masa flirting dedulu..time tu my skills at the highest peak. well dude, tats surely a diff. story to tell. lain tahun kalau ada masa..

contoh perbualan rekaan. (tiada kaitan dgn yang hidup apatah lagi yg telah meninggal dunia)

hi there! asl plz?

somebody : 23/f/kl. u?

me: 30/m/holland

somebody: buat apa kat holland? study or werking?

me: im a househusband. im married.
....................... 1 minute..................................


........................5 minutes.................................

then terus senyap. u c? i dun really know the art of flirting in the chat room!! im so lame. or maybe i shud act like this instead;

me: hi there, nice day isnt it?

somebody: iiiii, sure is. asl?

me: im 25m from name is ajis. its my pleausure meeting u

somebody: 23/f/kl (then emoticon 'mata kelip2 appeared). u buat apa kat sana? keja ye?

me: yup. im an ToooooooTT werking with TooooooooTT

somebody: wow! mesti best duk sanakan? u dah kawen?

and the conversation starts..based on lies. i dun even know is shes telling the truth either. ntah2 bapok mana yg gatal nak carik jantan. LOL. hehehehe. anyways, most of the chatters lied n hide their true identities. after all tats the S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedures) to all chatters

nak di jadikan cerita, i talked (chat) wit dis one lady. shes in her mid 40's, still single and werk as a clerk at JB. at first she said her age was 30 plus, but then when i said that im married..she change her age to mid 40's..(she tried to flirt wit me at first..hehehe, im an honest married man.

she talked about our culture nowadays, couple divorcing like changing underwear, sex criminal, malaysian politic and so on. i was tired reading her nagging...sikit-sikit dah la... she really annoyed me, i closed her chat box and continue browsing the net. im not gonna waste my time to listen all her complaints, her opinions regardless im a gud listener, sometimes. no wonder she never married. kasihan. lantaklah, i think she has her own reasons after all.

malaslah nak cita panjang-panjang. bulan posa ni kang takut termengumpat pulak. doesnt mean tat bukan bulan posa boleh mengumpat. Cuma hormat bulan mulia ni. (dah la pahala tak byk...)

P.S im not pointing at anyone..just silly old me..heheheh.

until then

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