Sunday, 3 February 2008

---~@ day in February @~---

the month of february, i could smell something special gonna happen this month that for sure.

winter doesnt feel as cold as it should be (except China). i dun know, maybe the 'chill' is melting away. but i like it this way..not too cold, not so smooth either. easy and leasure.

my daughter show off! she like to draw a lot of 'monster' with a smiley face these days...hehhe i dun know why, she even draw a 'friendly monster face' kat tepi keta during our short outing yesterday.

"look ayah! monster!"

P.S. a child mind is full of excitement with a lots of 'free space'!! eager to learn and explore the world...and download everything. and for us..our brain need 'formating'..heheheh

until then

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