Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Sexiest Women 2006 (Top 5)

The following woman was voted as the most sexiest woman ever alive for the year 2006. But I'm wondering, what does 'sexiest woman' really means? Really, what makes them sexy? Nice bod? Perfect round and nicely curve boobs (well, obviously not all natural..most of them were 'sil'), alluring eyes? perceptive lips? or maybe melodics voice? Charisma? Attitude? Achievements?

Anyways, let us start the countdown.

No. 1:

Scarlett Johansson

Never have words sounded so right as when spoken with Scarlett's two-packs-and-a-fifth-o'-whiskey rasp. Somehow, she has achieved the voice, a successful acting career and heart-stopping beauty by the age of 21. That accounts for how, in only her second year on this list, Scarlett has landed at the top.


Angelina Jolie

Last year :1

Model, actress, diplomat, mother-and the world.s sexiest woman according to females who cast votes for this list. The subject of many a fantasy will next appear in Robert De Niro's The Good Shepherd.


Jessica Alba

Last year :22

Jessica spent half her time in Fantastic Four as an invisible do-gooder, yet the film still netted $150 million. She'll be fully visible in the upcoming Awake and as the lasso-wrangling Nancy in Sin City 2.


Jessica Simpson

Last Year : 16

Earlier this year, Jessica's boots walked out on Nick Lachey. That means her entertaining Newlywed days are over, but she has a new album due this year, which means more clothing-optional videos.


Keira Knightley

Last Year : 11

After a Jane Austen movies, Kiera returns to hot swashbucking with Pirate of the Caribbean 2 with Orlando Bloom and Johny Depp.

And the most sexiest man pulak?

hes the man!!

P.S: What about you? Are you sexy enuf? Suka-suka jer...santai.

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