Saturday, 10 March 2007

Lets take a break

I came across a couple of interesting toons yesterday and like to share some the ideas with you guys.

Actually what is it with married life. Yeah, we sure experiencing some bumps here and there along the way, isn't it not. Don't tell me it doesn't happen at all (that will be bull#@&%). Its normal! (sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit..) But that is not the point.

What will happen if a man get married? Getting kill? Yeah, don't bring up the 'commitment' subject. In fact, you are bonded to 'commitment' the second you say ' i do' or when kadi said 'Sah'. So, stop piling me up with all those craps. Back to our discussion, what is married life? I have been married about 5 years now and I still remember when i was attending my 'kursus kahwin', one of the instructors said.

"Kalau anda dan pasangan anda boleh hidup dengan pasangan anda dalam tempoh 4 hingga 5 tahun, Insya Allah usia perkahwinan anda akan berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu..."

Actually, i dun really into that 100% tho, yup the fact was based on numerous studies on cumulative cases all over Malaysia. Where divorce cases (reported) mostly occurred during the first 5 years of marriage life. In other hand, the analysis report was projected on Muslim couple only, what about other races? other country? Other religion? So, i guess the fact tak boleh diguna pakai as a whole, conducting and finding solutions for miserable 'berantakan' Muslim couple maybe, but do not depend on that as surely.

So, what about married life? Only time could tell. Me? i cant tell either nor given any opinion. One has to live with it to discover its secret and how to deal with it. Different person has his/her own approach in dealing with their marriage problems. Results of coz obviously vary.

Was there any 'happy couple'? Some says Ajai and Nurul was the perfect couple. What happened to the 'perfect couple' then? Divorced ( i think they were married more than 5 years), Era and Yusri..wah! wedding so grand..'Wedding of the Year' la katakan (but at the moment Siti and Datuk K hold the title) the end..divorced and separated jugak. Datuk Siti and Datuk K? Im sure they wont last either. So, what will be the perfect ingredients in becoming a perfect couple? We knew sama cantik dan sama padan wont work, same interest/carrier and hobbies pun tak jalan. Darjat? Love? Kasih sayang? Loyalty?(hhmm...might works tho)..understanding? age differential?

For the third time, what is it with married life? You tell me...

What will you do if you have to deal your entire life living like Prince Charles and Camilla.

I dun say married life wasnt interesting. Matured mind as time passed by. Much more to learn along the married path. As long you know what point your standing on, then you will know how to get back to the right track.

p/s: Sometimes a man got to do what a man gotta do...and vice versa.

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