Thursday, 8 February 2007

My life today

Woke up early this morning. After some quick breakfast and later watched my wife off to work.

Hmm...what am i going to do today? Do laundry? Make lunch or cleaning the house? My daughter still in her room..sleeping. Well i guess i log on to the Internet and go surfing. I log on to my YM..nobody i knows online, or they just make themselves "invincible". I logged off and open my email. A couple of email replied and off surfing again.

After half and hour, it snowing! freezing cold and it was minus 2 degree outside. Standing in front of my bedroom's window about 15 minutes before start surfing again.

I like to read. Sometimes i can finish a book in not more than a week. But, at this time, im lagging..don know why. Maybe im losing interest in story book world made by the author. They can always write whatever they want and whatever the felt like. Even the true story i reckon not entirely a true story. Hey, who want to make a fool of them self? Like old Malay saying "ibarat membuka pekung di dada". But, if i am to choose between books and the Internet, well maybe i pick the Internet and surfing again.

In the meantime, i opened my friend's blogs. It is nice to read and know how well they doing. Reading other people blogs doesn't hurt even though u know not even a handful will read yours, but that's fine. People has their own choices don't they.

I talked to a friend yesterday, hes taking a master coz in architecture, he said, architect is much more like a lawyer. Not all architect keen or admire other architect's designs and philosophy, if he is a friend of yours the possibility he will adore your concept is high and if he is not your friend or maybe someone who you meet in the streets, it will take sometimes to get nice critics from them. Or maybe some drinks, clubbing a couple of night with nice chicks, well eventually they will maybe get along just fine. But, coming to think of it, if a lawyers is the mirror of an architect, don't you think justice is not fair? Lawyers can be bought, can be seduce and can be bend in any ways some people like them to be?

Hmm...tah la., life sometime is not fair, but hey who says life is fair? Well im off surfing again.... Until then.

p/s:FM, my fav game since campus


jebondz said...

yo zack...

gua rindu sama lu..patut la ada ip dari last, ada bunyi juak dari ko..keep on writing dude...

aku masih single, anggun, menawan..haha..

take care zack..


epi said...

thanks for the info pasal teket balit ya..
tapii mahal la... mun dpt cuba kau tnyk2 travel agent di sia.. at the moment aku ada gulf air form dublin to kl via bahrain murah juak compare to price yg kau berik ya..
mun ada apa2 berita padah jak!!.

sitoksama juak dah 2/3 hari snow!!..

agus said...

oi zack, sapa madah orang sik baca blog kau? Ada link dalam fav folder gik bah.

Sitok sik ada snow di luar. Dalam fridge ada lah. Tapi petang tok ujan lebat bah. Mesti jam balit kelak. Just what I need on a friday nite, blegh...

Aku said...

yo jebonz bebeh, lamak sik dengar papa dr ko, nasib juak ada add blog ko dr agus..eheheh. Anyways beb selamt n nice to hear from u again after some time.

Epi, hhmm..mahal juak kah, aku ada kol a couple travel agensi dekat area aku, tapi harga masih mahal. Kelaklah aku nanya staff embassy sitok, nie tau daknya ada kontek ngan other travel agencies. Chill dude! Aku kedak org sakai bila snow turun ehehheheh..sik kalak nangga snow bah..LOL!

Gus, nakpa kata ko ya..ehheheh, aku just tulis ajak bah, i did not pointing at anybody. Lagi pun ko lah empun idea in the first place nyuruh aku create my own blog..i didnt know how interesting it was until at dis very moment. No wonder ko ada wat u called blogs frend..nice! Chill dude