Tuesday, 27 February 2007

It's Tuesday

Its been raining since earlier this morning. The weather quite chill and moderately windy with cold wind.

Its been a while since I write anything in my blog. Quite busy with some local occasions and a formal event i have to attend. Yup, I had a good time and making some money out of it. So, i reckon the whole part of my past two month satisfied. And you know what, pejam celik it almost at the end of February. And if you don't notice, we have another 10 more months to go in this 2007. What about your new year resolution? Started? or pending until further notice?

A few days back, i got an email from a friend of mine.

He said, Oil and Gas industry is booming. People searching for a new employment, more and more people resigned and hired with a new job. "What about you dude?" He ask me "What will you do in the mean time? And after 3 years without a job, do you certain a company will hire you?"

Well, that hit me bull eyes. I cant answer that. After all, it is fact that i will be not working for some time. And after a while my sense and skill become 'tumpul'. What will i do? What will be the solution?

Pedang pun lama lama kalau tak guna pun berkarat and tumpul jugak, inikan pulak otak and bakat. It aware me that after 3 years i will be unskilled as i am 5 years back just after my graduation day. Anyhow, what can i do. All i can do is just sharpen my skill with knowledge of new technologies, a lot and lots of reading, do some technical calculation sometimes or maybe try to understand quantum physic (yeah right..) or maybe i could take a short course to added value into my skills. The list will go on after sometime i presume. Will update for you later on that.

Another less than 4 months i will become a daddy once again. My second daughter will be coming soon and punch her daddy right in the eye...hahha..cant wait to see her face, what will she look like? Dreaming of your new baby born is something a person cant describe with words, you have to experience it in order to appreciate. Well, eventually time will tell.

Well, dude/friends/geng/buddies out there, wish u a very happy life and enjoy life while you still can.

Until then

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